Friday, March 10, 2017

Grandpa's Shoes...

I have a very old pair of my grandpa's shoes. I never considered donating them as they are well-worn and out of style, but I keep them because they're beautiful to me.

When I was little, I was fascinated when grandpa would get out his shoe kit. The tins of polish, the brush, the rags. He would remove the shoe strings, clean the shoes, then begin the process of rubbing the polish in. This was always done in small circular motions, using care to cover every bit of the leather. When that was done, the buffing began. He would work over the shoe, with a soft cloth, until the shoe gleamed like new. I remember the smile of satisfaction when he finished. He would talk about the value of caring for your shoes and clothing. A good pair of shoes could last you for many years if they were properly cleaned, polished, and maintained.

In the disposable world we live in, those shoes are a gentle reminder to care for and cherish what we have.

© 10MAR2017 ajj

Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Good Day...

It was a productive Saturday for me. I decided to stay off the Internet and limit my phone time to just the one call I had promised to make. As a result, I got some cleaning and laundry done, cleared a mess on my back patio, filled the bird feeder, organized some of my recipes, did a little reading, watched a British mystery program, and even baked a cake.

While sorting through recipes, I had spotted one for my grandma's 7-Up Cake. I didn't have any 7-Up, but I did have Ginger Ale, so I tweaked the recipe using it instead. I added ginger, cinnamon, and a touch of cloves in place of the lemon flavoring, which I also did not have. The family reviews were all thumbs up, so this updated version will be a keeper!

Earlier in the week, my husband was broadsided and his car totaled. Other than a slight whiplash and muscle strain, he is ok. Since the other driver was at fault for running the stop sign, all costs are being covered. PJ stayed home a couple days to recover, but was back delivering mail today! I'm feeling very thankful!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thoughts on Friendship...

Just some rambling thoughts I had today:

When you spent your life being told to keep things secret
When you finally decide you're tired of being silent
When you've been told to keep your thoughts to yourself
When you decide you have every right to speak your truth
When you try to do it with kindness and without drama
When the drama happens anyway
That is when you find out who your friends really are.

With each passing year, I have learned to treasure my close friendships. Those who stand by in the middle of every storm. Sometimes family doesn't even do that for many, though I happen to have a supportive, loving family.

I'm just appreciating the blessing of good, true friendship.