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Don't give up your dreams... Life is for the dreamers!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Arrived with Rain...

My favorite season arrived yesterday, and it came with rain! I love rain! It calls for some warm soup and crusty, buttered bread, hot coffee, and books read in cushy chairs.

I also have a feeling of sad nostalgia for things long forgotten. People who are now only shadows in memory. Music I used to love. Songs I used to sing, welling up from somewhere deep inside. That old mama cat I loved so well, who disappeared one summer never to be seen again, and Spooky dog with your sweet, sad eyes. That little friend who told ghost stories in the night, and the little boy who drowned in Indian Creek one summer day. Hiding in books, so many books. Stories of adventure removing me from my realities. Playing the piano, letting my fingers search and find the mournful notes, the minor chords, healing my broken heart as the sad notes rose up and away.

Life is funny. Our hearts are often a mystery waiting to be solved. We journey on and suddenly, we are there, in the autumn days, and they are sad, and they are strange, but also beautiful. It's a season to revel in, to enjoy. May it be a long season filled with both memory and discovery.

© 23Sep2016 ajj

Friday, September 9, 2016


I'm sitting here with my coffee and reflecting on the voices I've been hearing. Yes, they're all in my head! Characters talking, stories begging to be told, imagination running amok! The one thing I didn't spend enough time on over the summer was my writing. Intentions were high, but motivation was at an all time low. I spent a lot of time visiting with my sons, watching Formula One racing on the weekends (a new obsession of mine), sorting through boxes of keepsakes and old photos (I have hundreds), chatting on the phone with friends, sipping coffee, napping, reading... almost anything but writing!

I intended to blog at least once a week. I intended to work on my book. I intended to completely organize and redecorate my home. What is it they say about good intentions? Never mind...

Vintage Sunflower Botanical, compliments of Dawn of The Feathered Nest

Today is a beautiful September day! Time for a fresh start as we head into autumn! Have I told you this is my favorite time of year? Of course I have! It always feels like a time of beginnings to me. Though I'm in, what many might define as, the autumn years of life, it seems appropriate for me to look at this as a time of beginning. I will get serious about my writing. I will read more and take better care of myself. Three things. I can start with three things!

You're wondering why this feels like a time of beginnings to me? I think it has to do with school. New pencils, crayons, paper. New classmates and teachers. Then there were the school clothes and shoes! All new! A clean slate! So we would begin again.

Well, enough for today! The voices are telling me to move on to my other writing. I promise I'll return soon, with more of my ramblings! Joy to each of you!

© 09Sep2016 ajj

Monday, August 8, 2016


I was reading a note on Facebook posted by Marion Chesney aka M. C. Beaton this morning. She talked of the dog days of summer, people gone on holiday and the kind of holiday she dreams of, the "good old days" versus today's world.

"I never dream of beach holidays... I like holidays in cities with theatres and opera houses and old buildings. I like sitting on boulevards and watching the world go by... The cafes are no longer smart and not even cheap to make up for it. The shops are chain shops. But otherwise I do not long for the so-called good old days... So many bad things have been eased out. And so many bad things are now with us. I have friends who find the present world situation frightening. All one can do, I suppose, is to make life as pleasant as possible for as many in ones immediate environment and hope some of the ripples spread out across the murky pond." ~ Marion Chesney

I left this comment:

"This piece stuck a chord with me. I don't dream of beaches, other than to walk one in the cool morning, when not many are around. I love people, but love solitude perhaps even more. I have fond memories of earlier days, but no desire to go back. My dreams now are much the same as they've always been. Wishes for a peaceful world, a stable income, good health, a place to call home, surrounded by people I love... those are the things I wish for everyone."

Looking back and treasuring happy memories is good therapy for the soul, as long as we don't forget to live in the present. That said, this day is especially poignant for me. It's the 16th anniversary of my brother's passing. There's sorrow in this memory, and I relive it every year on this date.

We can't go back, and most of the time we wouldn't want to. The moments I love to remember, and might wish to revisit, are the happy times. Days of laughter, singing together, Christmases, birthdays, trips to Lucky Peak or Robie Creek for picnics and swimming, perusing second hand and antique stores, sitting in the back yard with a Coke and the radio playing some tunes, the smiles, the hugs.

The lesson is to treasure the moments as they come. The magic of my everyday life. The simple joys and pleasures. There is no guarantee of anything other than this very moment. When I look back at my life, the sad and the beautiful moments, it's the beauty which stands out the strongest. I write about the pain, because it helps to dilute it. In reflecting on my memories, it's the beauty which overrides the pain, and there has been so much beauty! So much joy! So many things to smile about and to be thankful for!

Wishing you days filled with Joy!

© 08Aug2016 ajj