Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Vacation

I've been very remiss about posting, but I've been having a wonderful summer.  Both sons are on break from college, I've been able to spend some time with both of them.  Right now, I'm posting from Harbick's Country Inn in Blue River, Oregon.  We arrived yesterday, and have had the most wonderful time!

The inn is located in a mountain setting of tall pines... cedars, lodgepole, and ponderosa  as well as birch trees and gorgeous greenery.  It's managed by my cousin and his wife, Kent and Robin Roberts, so it's been more than enjoying a beautiful inn and the surrounding area, it's been a time of reconnecting with family.  We've had fun sharing old memories and getting updated on what's going on in each others lives more recently.

My husband and my cousin were able to go on a white water rafting trip today, due to a last minute cancellation. They went with the T and T Rafting company, and it was an all afternoon event.  Even with the unusually high temperature of 100, they said the 42 degree river really took your breath away!  They had several stops along the river to swim, and were even provided with snacks at one of them.

My sons explored a bit of the area, including a walk down to the river, and they enjoyed their afternoon as well.  This is the first family vacation we'd been on in many years, and it's been wonderful!

I spent the day with Robin.  We visited several interesting places, including the school and the community food pantry where she works.  She not only oversees the provision of food to needy families, but provides backpacks and books to needy students, and aids families in many areas, including counseling.  We went to a walking trail and memorial she and Kent helped to create along the river.  Later, we sat in her lovely home, relaxing and sharing a lot of laughs!

Tomorrow we head for the coast for a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to cool ocean breezes, but I will be a little sad to say my goodbyes in the morning. It's been a blessing to be here!

I'll be back after we return home, until then...