Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunshine Today...

There's been sunshine this afternoon!  The day began with a winter storm, snow and strong winds, but all has settled now.  The mounds of white are starting to melt, though I doubt it will all disappear just yet.  I got out a couple days ago, and started bringing in the Christmas lights.  They stayed up way too long because of the freezing temperatures.  The ones along the roof-line are still there because they were frozen in place.  It's predicted to warm up to the low 40's by Friday, so they'll be coming down soon!

I have been in such a happy place.  Dreaming of spring and the projects I want to do.  This is the year to repaint several rooms inside my home.  I keep wavering on color.  Do I go bold or stay with neutrals?  I just can't decide.  I am leaning toward neutral beach tones, especially for our bedroom.  I love the coast, and I'd like to have a light, "beach cottage" feel without being too obviously "beachy"!  Lol!  I'm pretty sure I'll stay with white paint for the family room/kitchen/dining area.  It's much easier to get the color in the accessories, than risk making a color mistake in such a large area.  It's fun thinking about it.

I'm still battling the eye problems, so if any of you have noticed I'm not commenting on your blogs, it's because my computer time has to be very limited for now.  I'm believing this is for a short time!  I love visiting blogs, reading about your lives, and I hope to be back at it soon!

Stay warm, spring is just around the bend!

Art by Kate Greenaway, Free Image courtesy of Dover Publications.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid-January Already...

This month is racing by.  I didn't make any official resolutions this year, but did start a diet and exercise plan.  I want to redecorate several rooms in my home.  I'd also hoped to do some writing every day.  I'm doing well on my health goals, but not so much on my redecorating or my writing.  Between the busyness of life, and fighting off a winter cold, I haven't gotten much done.

Do you ever have those moments when you are flooded with new and exciting ideas?  I have had so many stories racing through my head this week, I just need to sit down and start typing them out.  I spent a lot of years worrying about offending people with what I wanted to write about, so I just set it aside.  I wrote a church newsletter, did a little blogging, but I never got to the work I really wanted to do.

Some days, I've felt like I waited too long.  Today, I am inspired to try again, if for nothing other than my own satisfaction.  The people and places that live in my head seem to be begging to get out, so we will see...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Remembering Grandpa

Sending birthday greetings heavenwards, to my grandpa!  He was born 100 years ago today!  I'm sitting here on this snowy morning, sipping a cup of hot coffee, and reflecting on my years with my grandpa.  What a sweet, amazing man he was.  He made such a difference in my life.

I stayed with my grandparents off and on from the day I was born, then permanently when I was just 8 years old.  I'm not going to write a long story about him, just a few descriptive words...

  • grandpa, father
  • minister, man of tremendous faith, believed in the power of prayer
  • loved his family, proud of every new addition to it
  • loved me unconditionally 
  • looked for the best in people 
  • taught me to be generous
  • sang in his beautifully off-key voice with joy 
  • loved to laugh, and his laughter was contagious
  • loved nature, gardening, birds
  • always made time for people
  • dressed well, even when spending the day at home
  • had beautiful handwriting
  • loved words and learning
  • remembered your name...
I always expected grandpa would live well beyond his 100th birthday.  He loved life, and this beautiful world we live in.  He had a vision for a better, more peaceful world.  I still carry the same hope in my heart.  

Wishing each of you joy and hope.  

Wishing grandpa a very Happy Birthday.  I will always remember...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Bright New Year Has Begun...

Anybody still out there?  I've been absent for quite a while.  Life has been so busy, plus I forgot my blog password and didn't want to bother with whatever steps you take to restore it.  I finally found my little cheat-sheet this evening, so I'm back!

The holidays were wonderful.  My boys were both on break from school, so they were here much of the time.  We had some of our favorite holiday foods, watched movies, they played video games, relaxed and just enjoyed our time together!  

My sweet husband, who rarely gets sick, has been home with the flu for 5 days now, and is still not well though he is improving.  Nasty stuff!  He never gets the flu shot.  Has had no need to til now.  I'm really glad I got mine.  Even being around him 24/7, I only got very mild symptoms!  

I started on a Biggest Loser type challenge with a group of friends.  We weighed in last Saturday and photos were taken.  I had no idea how fat I was.  Lol!  Yes, I have a mirror, but I've been avoiding mirrors and cameras like they were life threatening.  The photos and the scale do not lie.  I'm fat!  I don't know why I'm laughing about it, but I refuse to cry.  I've revamped my diet, adding a lot more fruit and veg. and fewer carbs.  I've started an exercise plan that works for me, and I'm actually not hurting as much as before.  I am feeling some long-lost muscles though, and they're telling me a tale of severe neglect!  Short term goal is to lose 30 lbs by March 30th, our final weigh-in.  That's a nice, respectable amount which should be easy to accomplish.

As I'm typing, I'm listening to my new Bonnie Raitt CD, Slipstream!  Love it!  I am filled with excitement about the coming year and all it holds in store!  It's going to be amazing!