Saturday, February 6, 2016

Early Spring...

I've been so busy recently. Took my sis to breakfast and to the Antique Mall last weekend. It was such a fun morning. Shared recent news and reminisced over old family stories. We scored some more family photos at the mall! In one lot, there was my own wedding photo which I'd given a great aunt and uncle. You just never know what you'll find when you go treasure hunting. Does that mean my sweetheart and I are now antiques? Or at least very collectible?

My youngest was on his break between winter session and spring semester. It was very nice having him home. I know the days of him hanging out with us may be very short. He graduates from college this year, and who knows where his future will take him. My mom heart is praying he gets a fantastic job, but just not too far away. That's reasonable, right?

Last evening we went to dinner at Red Robin, with two of our best friends. I tried their french dip with grilled onions. Oh my, it was so good! I've found a new favorite! Afterward, we went back to their home and played Dominoes. We had so many laughs. It was a wonderful time.

I've spent part of today scanning old negatives onto my computer. It's a long-term project which I started two or three years ago. It's very time consuming, but will be worth it to have our photos backed up on computer and in "the cloud" wherever that really is.

It feels like an early spring really is in store this year. I am definitely ready for it. Spring is already in my heart today!

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