Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recovering... and Brenda Photo Challenge

First of all, today is the Brenda Photo Challenge (click on the name to see all the entries).  My entries are posted on my other blog, Nita Jo's Photos.  If you enjoy photography, you will love looking at all the entries for this months theme... "Broken"

Other news... I am recovering from my surgery.  Yesterday, they removed the drain tube I'd had to wear for the past week... I called it my "vampire necklace"... I am so happy to be done with that.  The growth is gone!  My calcium and blood levels are back to normal, and the biopsies showed I am cancer free!  I am so thankful for God's mercy, and for all of your kind thoughts and prayers!  God has been so good to me! 

Well, it's the wee hours of the morning.  I'm going to try and sleep a bit as today is full of things I need to get done.  Sunday is the celebration of our churches 70th Anniversary.  I still have photos to gather up and get delivered for display.  I had hoped to get my hair done, but that may just have to wait till next week.  And, I haven't forgotten about my promise of a Give Away... it's just going to take a few days longer than planned, but it is going to happen soon!

Love and Blessing to all!
Nita Jo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prayers Desired... Autumn Beauty... Upcoming Give Away...

Well, today around noon I'll finally be in surgery.  They are removing one of my parathyroid glands.  They will do an immediate biopsy, and they will do another one 24 hours later from a frozen section. I appreciate any prayers you have time to send up for me.  God has been so good to me.  I trust in His wisdom, whatever the outcome...  "I know who holds tomorrow... and I know who holds my hand"

Yesterday, as I drove to an appointment, I was struck by the beautiful autumn colors.  Some years, the leaves seem to drop off shortly after turning.  This year they have lingered... it's been awesome.  What a world we live in!  Sometimes, I get caught up in the day to day issues and forget to just look... just breathe... and take it all in. 

Now... a commitment!  I am finally going to have a Give Away.  I started this blog on March 23, 2008.  It's been hit and miss, so I am only at 239 posts, but should have hosted a Give Away long before this.  Sometime in the next two weeks, I will be posting photos of the items.  I can tell you this much, there will be some ephemera... bits of things for crafting like doilies, buttons, etc... a favorite book... and my favorite item of all... a Christmas CD called Tidings.  You can see the CD in the upper right side of my blog.  If you click on it, you can preview some of the songs.  My cousin Laurie, and her cousin Tammy, are the creators of this beautiful collection of Christmas music.

Check back soon to see photos of the items that will be included in the Give Away.

There!  It's done!  I have committed to it, and I'm excited to finally be able to share with all of you who have shared so much with me!