Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Today is my little brother's birthday

He was promoted to the next life in the summer of 2000
It was less than 2 months after I received my MS diagnosis
It was just a few months before mom
received her diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
It was a year of change for my entire family
But, as always,
God was faithful to help us through it all...

Here are a few remembrances and photos...

Tommy had three names because momma and I couldn't agree
and she had said I could help choose his name

it was George Thomas Gregory Roberts

I adored him...

He loved cowboys... so did I. This is "Bad Guy, Good Guy"

Here we are in "The Seventies", oh my....

Tom and Lana
He had just gotten home from his time in the National Guard

With our Uncle Tom, getting ready to go boating...
I love this picture.

My very favorite picture,
the one we used for his memorial service
got lost when my computer crashed a while back.
When I find the original, I will add it here.

It is of Tom riding in the boat
That's how I like to think of him
Sailing along somewhere, with no more cares
Maybe looking in on us once in a while
Not too much though...
I'm sure there is plenty to do
in Heaven....

Happy Birthday Tommy!
You know I love you...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer Request

My cousin, Sally, had a stroke Sunday evening. Family and friends have been holding her in prayer. She is now conscious and has been able to communicate. She has some movement in arms and legs, and most importantly, knows her family and knows where she is (though she wants to go home).

She is healthy and strong, a dancer, but the bloodclot is in a dangerous place. Her recovery may take quite some time. She needs a miracle.

I would appreciate those of you who pray, to pray with us believing for that miracle.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, plans fell through for me. I was supposed to be up at our Church Camp with PJ and Lucky13, but there were other plans for me. I had not been feeling the greatest. Monday came and I still felt under the weather, so I made a decision to stay home. I have felt a real peace about my decision, and I'm not totally on my own... older son is still here when he's not at work or out with friends that is.

Two years ago we had to miss the camp. I was very sad the entire week. I was not well enough to go, but I missed it so much. Church Camp has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. At least that's the first year I remember going. It's always a fun week full of spiritual activies, recreational activities, and just time to get acquainted with new friends or spend time with old ones.

So far, reports are that husband and son are having a great time! They went fully armed with mosquito repellant, but I forgot to send the sunscreen... it's always something. It's like when you forget to serve the jello salad or the sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving until everyone is too full to care.

My husband got West Nile Virus a couple of years ago, so we are extremely careful about the mosquito repellant. He recovered, but it was a slow process. He still doesn't have the energy he had before. We are so fortunate though. Lives have been lost and some have difficult long term disabilities. A childhood schoolmate is making a slow recovery from paralysis resulting from West Nile. He was infected the same summer as my husband. He's thankful for the progress he makes each day.

I've heard these things referred to as "speed bumps"... they make you slow down and take another look at your life and where it's going. I think sometimes they could more aptly be described as gigantic sink holes or craters. Faith, and a sense of humor, are sometimes all that gets us through them. It sometimes helps to look back on your happy times and laugh again.

Here are a few pictures from past camps that make me smile:
PJ & I three years ago

Water Curling... Points earned by how far your teammate slides.
Two of my Very Favorite Cousins, Kevin and Laurie
From "several" years ago Kathryn & Joe, Grandma Martha & Grandpa Evert, Robin & Kent (another cousin... Oh my, I'd forgotten bout that beard!)
I love this old photo. I have hundreds more, but no time or room to post them. I'll save some for another day.

Random Note: On the Free Images I posted, I noticed that when you click on the image, they are not enlarging as some of my photos do. I'm not sure why, but it may affect the size of the image you are able to save. I have checked out the "Help" section to no avail. If anyone out there in blogland knows the answer, please post it in my comments section. I would appreciate it so much. I have a few more royalty free images that I'd love to share sometime.

Anyway... When I'm not resting and trying to get back to normal (whatever that is), I'm still here at my computer.

May your day be blessed with sunshine and smiles.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Be Back Soon...

I will not have access to my computer for about a week. I hope you will come back and visit me then. I don't know how I'll cope without my computer. Funny how much we depend on them for business, social, and just fun things. I'm missing it already just thinking about it.

In the meantime, here are a couple of Free Images. Just right click on the image and save it to your PC. I hope you enjoy them. The first one is from a vintage card. I thought the flowers and the fan were very pretty.

This second image is from a collection of Kate Greenaway images.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge - NUMBERS

Okay.... here goes for my first attempt at
The Brenda Photo Challenge...


License Plates... identifying where we come from
my husband was born in North Dakota,
and I'm an Idaho gal!

Music consists of Numbers...

Music Book Pages
Finger Positions
Counting the Beat
Playing in 4/4 Time

And my favorite for last
Numbered in Order
Just waiting to be opened and read one by one!

This has been fun to do!

Karen of Loved and Engraved, is the host for this challenge.
Go to her blog for the links to the other participants.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Incorrigible Bragging... and the Tasmanian Devil...

Good afternoon! Thursday was an amazing day. I had an early lunch with my little sis, and my cousin, Laurie. We had lots to talk about! My nephew recently graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA. We're all so proud of him. Here are a couple of recent photos.

Of course, we think he is just wonderful! We look forward to seeing where his career will take him!

My sis, my cousin, and I always have a fun time getting together, reminiscing, and sharing what's new in our lives. My sis spends much of her free time involved with the local film and theatre community. She's done some acting, some behind the scenes work... just whatever they ask of her. She loves it. As you can see from the pictures, it runs in the family.

I've talked about Laurie before. Her new CD is wonderful, as was her first. If you click on the title of her CD, "Perhaps God", over to the right side of my blog, it will take you to where you can hear samples of her work. You can also read about who she is, and there is a link to her first CD. I will probably bring up her music again, because I think it is so inspiring and I'd like people to get to know this amazing Christian artist. If you want to read my former blog about the cd, it's called Perhaps God and was posted June 12, 2008.

Ok... enough bragging, though it is well deserved...

Our kitty is driving me to distraction. She is unhappy that my oldest son is rarely here. He is the one who rescued her from being sent to the local animal shelter. Her owner abandoned her at the veterinarian office where MJ used to work. He fell for her sweet, quiet ways. Now, she "meows" with sad abandon at the door to his empty room. It's alternately sweet and annoying.

Poor Mooska. MJ now works longer hours doing graphics for a local news station. She tries to get some attention from my younger son, EJ, but he keeps himself very busy too. Mooska is letting me know by her pitiful crys. When she's not doing that, she is wrapped around my ankles. I've nearly fallen on my face while trying to avoid stepping on her. She whips around my ankles like a whirling dervish... think Tasmanian Devil.

I warned her last night that if I do fall, she will be certainly crushed to death under the weight of a 50 something, XL, somewhat irritated, mom of two. She threw me a rather nasty look. Really. I know you all think I'm the nutty one of the two (after all, I'm conversing with my cat), but I'm sure she was giving me "the look". The one we gave our kids when we were trying to keep them quiet in church, or from misbehaving in a crowded restaurant.

Well, on that thought I bid you a happy, blessed day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Plain Fun To Read

I was so honored to receive this "just plain fun to read" award from Inland Empire Girl.
Check out her blog by clicking on the link in "My Favorite Places". If she hadn't just received this award, I would have given it to her. She is always a fun read!

I love everyone on my favorites list, but today I am passing this award on to the following three ladies, who never fail to brighten my day:

Dawn at

LaTeaDa at

DarLy at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Enter Giveaway

Tammy of Country Girl At Home has opened her Etsy Shop. To celebrate, she is hosting a Giveaway of two beautiful handmade shutters.

To enter, first visit her shop and take a look at her items. Next, go to her blog and read about the contest.

The links to Country Girl At Home, and her Etsy Shop, are found below listed with "My Favorite Places".

What A Day

This has been a glorious day! I found a couple of "new to me" blogs that were so uplifting. One of them had a scripture tag, and I liked it so much that I added one to the sidebar of my blog. Scroll down to see some of the new things I have been adding.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my doctor. Dr. T has been a rock for me the past few years. After being shuffled from one doctor to another, I found her. She took the time to listen to what I was saying, and took nothing for granted. She was the one who researched, followed through, and found that I had Multiple Sclerosis. I was able to begin a treatment of injections, which has slowed the progress of this disease.

She found my mother's cancer the first day she saw her. Mom had been treated for "stomach pain" for over a year with prescription antacids. Dr. T said she immediately felt the tumor during the exam. If Mom had not taken my advice to see Dr. T for a second opinion, I know her life would have been shortened even more. Mom began treatment almost immediately, and she had a few very wonderful years with us.

Not all doctors are created equal. Dr. T not only had the "book knowledge", she honestly cared for her patients. I will miss her so much, but am happy that she will be able to be a stay at home mom. It's a time in her life when her daughters need more of her. It's a blessing she has the option of making this important choice.

I remember the day when I was able to become a stay-at-home mom. It was both a financial sacrifice and a huge life blessing. The blessing far outweighed any other choice for me.

I wish my dear Dr T the very best of blessings on her family. God knows each step we will take on our life journey. We just have to continue walking and trusting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Music... and stuff

It's been a busy time at my home. PJ has been painting the exterior over the past two weeks. He's getting very close to being done. I have about 50 other projects lined up that I'd love to have done... garden, repair and paint fence, repaint all the metal lawn furniture and decor, have a new cover over our back patio (before the old one comes down on our heads), clean and repair my birdhouses... then we go inside for paint, carpet, linolium... like I said the list goes on and on. It's shocking how much piles up after years and years of living in the same home. When did everything get so old and rickety... when did I?!?

With everything that's been going on, I haven't written as much as I'd like to. I did spend some time adding tunes to my blog. If you hate reading with music on... or just dislike my choices, you can press the pause button, switch song selection, or just turn your computer volume down.

I enjoy hearing other peoples music choices. It seems like an extra little window into their world. I only have about a 39 second bit of Mahalia Jackson singing one of my favorite songs... it's all I could find. I have been a fan of hers since I was a small child. My grandmother would put on her album and we'd sing along. Hearing Mahalia's voice is much like hearing my grandma's... familiar, uplifting, and full of feeling.

I hope your day has been filled with blessings. Mine has. Each moment is a blessing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mind Wide Open Contest

I had so much fun participating in this art contest. We all had to begin with the same image of a girl. This picture is the wall hanging I created, plus a closer look at the collage image.

Spending time creating this was really relaxing. My piece was a Remembrance of ladies in my life... Grandma loves purples, pinks and flowers; Mom loved anything Victorian, floral and lacey (the lace and heart were hers); butterflies and flowers are remembrances of Lucy (my mom-in-law).

You must go to Mind Wide Open and view all the entries (link is over to the right... just click on the image). There are 33 pieces of absolutely beautiful art interpretations. I had such a hard time choosing a favorite. There are many pieces I would love to own!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Faithful in Small Things

Well, it's been an odd holiday weekend. Still not feeling quite myself... been in a slump physically, but my mind and hands have been busy. Getting little things done around my home. Purging old paperwork, sorting out my art supplies, even doing a couple little art projects. That has been fun. I'm trying to get one completed for the Mind Wide Open project. I'm doing a simple piece, as it's a new venture for me.

PJ has been dividing his time between the Northwest Motor Fest, painting our house, and worrying about me. We celebrated 27 years together yesterday. I was happy he got the holiday weekend off. That is so rare! He has a 52 Chevy that he loves to tinker with and drive to the nearby car shows. With the gas prices, that is putting a pinch in the car show trips!

The picture is from our trip to the Oregon coast for our 25th Anniversary. The first time we had been able to take a vacation during 4th of July week!

My sweet husband bought me Season 7 of Gilmore Girls and a cd, Raising Sand by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. I'm listening to it right now. Love it! Watched an episode of Gilmore last night. It is such a well written series. Mix of drama, love, humor. Okay, that's enough advertising.

PJ also picked up dinner for the family from Applebees. I haven't been back there since my Grandma went into assisted living. I used to take her there for lunch once or twice every week. When she couldn't get out any more I would pick up carside-to-go.

Funny how a place like that can hold so many memories. Anyway, I really enjoyed the food and maybe I'll actually go there in person again one day. This is a picture of Grandma and my little sis. Aren't they cute!

Grandma has always been faithful in the small and the big things. Someone I could depend upon. Now, she depends on others and for the most part has adjusted to that.

PJ has been faithful in all things! He took my diagnosis of MS a few years ago like he takes everything that comes our way. Head on, and continually reminding me that he's in this for the long haul... no matter what! It hasn't been easy on him, but he never complains about it. He is one in a million. Sooo, my quote for today:

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." - Mother Teresa

Friday, July 4, 2008

Todays Quote

None who have always been free
can understand the terrible
fascinating power of the hope of
freedom to those who are not free.
- Pearl S. Buck
May freedom ring today for all who desire it!

Happy Fourth of July... and other stuff...

Here's a picture of me (yacking as usual), and two dear friends, Silver Valley Girl (you can check out her blog by clicking the link in My Favorite Places) and DeAnn (not a blogger... yet).

I have the most unfortunate way of missing birthdays, or at least remembering them late. I have two friends with July 4th birthdays and one with a July 3rd birthday.

This time I prepared early and sent ecards... unfortunately I sent them to their old email addressess... that were over a year old... I did just resend to the corrected addresses... boohoohoo... no matter how carefully I plan sometimes, I still goof up. Let's hope I remember my anniversary tomorrow... Ha!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Silver Valley Girl, to my cousin Deborah and to another dear friend, Peggy! I hope your celebrations were filled with fun and love!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Did We Get To July Already?

July is here! Summer has gone by so fast. I haven't even scratched the surface of all the jobs I planned to do.

PJ has been prepping the house for it's new paint job! It's way past time for it to be done. There is a lot of work just to prep. He's removed all the gutters, washed down the dirt and spiders, caulked, nailed... I think the actual painting will be the easiest part.

Our garden and yard is in a sad state of neglect. That's another big to-do item. This fall I plan to redo my front flower beds with all new bulbs. I've grown weary of my iris plants. They have taken over and have not looked very pretty that past two summers. I want more tulips, hyacynth, snap dragons, columbine...

I've only read one book this summer. A light mystery. I have hundreds of books and so little time! Plus, I need to get my new glasses. I have put off getting the bifocals, and my boys laugh when they see me trying to focus on a book or magazine! You get the picture!

I've written a couple more poems. I like the simplicity and complexity of a poem. That sounds like a contradiction, but for me it isn't. Even in the shortest verse, there can be a myriad of messages. Some placed by the writer and some discovered by the reader's own life experiences. I may see it one way, and you another way altogether.

My art projects have been put on hold while we get the "have to dos" done.

Hugs to all...