Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Today is my little brother's birthday

He was promoted to the next life in the summer of 2000
It was less than 2 months after I received my MS diagnosis
It was just a few months before mom
received her diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
It was a year of change for my entire family
But, as always,
God was faithful to help us through it all...

Here are a few remembrances and photos...

Tommy had three names because momma and I couldn't agree
and she had said I could help choose his name

it was George Thomas Gregory Roberts

I adored him...

He loved cowboys... so did I. This is "Bad Guy, Good Guy"

Here we are in "The Seventies", oh my....

Tom and Lana
He had just gotten home from his time in the National Guard

With our Uncle Tom, getting ready to go boating...
I love this picture.

My very favorite picture,
the one we used for his memorial service
got lost when my computer crashed a while back.
When I find the original, I will add it here.

It is of Tom riding in the boat
That's how I like to think of him
Sailing along somewhere, with no more cares
Maybe looking in on us once in a while
Not too much though...
I'm sure there is plenty to do
in Heaven....

Happy Birthday Tommy!
You know I love you...


Inland Empire Girl said...

Very nice tribute... I have the exact same M.E. calendar page sitting here by my computer. What a perfect quote for this special birthday.

Nita Jo said...

I loved the quote, and the fact that it was a boy in a boat... on my calendar... on Tom's birthday felt like a little "hello" from him.

I love my M.E. calendar! One of my BF's, DeAnn, buys it for me every year as a birthday present!

This Country Girl said...

Nita Jo,

That's a sweet memorial for your brother! I know you must miss him terribly! This was a sweet post!


nonizamboni said...

Lovely tender tribute to your brother~whoever said life was fair(!) Until you see him again I wish you only happy memories and warm rembrances from time to time.

Cindra said...

Such wonderful memories and such a beautiful tribute to him. He was very lucky to have had such a great big sister who loved him so much.

Deborah said...

A beautiful tribute, and yes, I very much enjoyed meeting him.