Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge - NUMBERS

Okay.... here goes for my first attempt at
The Brenda Photo Challenge...


License Plates... identifying where we come from
my husband was born in North Dakota,
and I'm an Idaho gal!

Music consists of Numbers...

Music Book Pages
Finger Positions
Counting the Beat
Playing in 4/4 Time

And my favorite for last
Numbered in Order
Just waiting to be opened and read one by one!

This has been fun to do!

Karen of Loved and Engraved, is the host for this challenge.
Go to her blog for the links to the other participants.


Donna said...

Wonderful!!!!! I Love these! Especially 4/4 timing? Loved the All! Well done sweetie!!hughugs

Cindra said...

What a great first entry! Love the photos and the ideas behind them. It's always fun to see how people's minds work! I love your book set, too! Great books!

Kathy C. said...

Oh good idea on the license plates! By the way, that is one of my favorite book series! :)

Nonnie said...

great ideas and wonderful the ideas everyone came up with since numbers are everywhere!

The Hallman Tribe said...

Great use of the license plates. Great pictures!

Sybil said...

love the plates, very original. Love the pictures.

Sally said...

Wow - nice job!!!! Very original. Thank you for sharing!! :)

moma grits said...

the musical numbers is just super! I too thought of license plates but none were nearly as interesting as yours GREAT JOB!

Joni said...

these are all great ideas...I love the old license plates and the white numbers really stand out against the bright colors of the did a great job!

have a wonderful day ~

jazzi said...

Great job! I hadn't even thought of license plates!
How nice, a series of books to read! Just one never seems enough, I like a series that goes on for at least two or three books. Seven is really great!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Way to go, Idaho! (Sorry, I HAVE to say that everytime I hear the word "Idaho". lol)

I'm always fascinated by the "music and numbers" thing. Numbers truly are necessary for music, but they seem like such different disciplines to me. Math is tough, music is beautiful. :)


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hey NitaJo,
You asked about the image of the hydrangea at the top of Sherry's interview. I painted that years ago and to date it has not been an available image but since you like it so much I may have to re-think the idea of putting it out there. ;-) Glad you like it and thanks for taking time to read the interview, I appreciate it! And I'm grooving on your music!


Amanda said...

Great pictures!
It's my first time doing the challenge too :)

Jeanette said...

Loved your first entry. I have license plates hangingin my garage, too. I never thought to photograph them.

Donna said...

Great ideas! Oh, how well I remember musicial timing during my piano days, with the metronome driving me bonkers, LOL. And I am just now reading the Chronicles of Narnia!

Tabitha said...

I love the photo of the music!!
Great photos ~ these challenges are so much fun!!
love and hugs XXXX

Jeanne said...

Welcome to the numbers challenge! License plates! What a great idea. Good thinking!

Nita Jo said...

Oh my... so many nice comments! I'll just say a big "Thank You" to everyone. This has been so much fun. I look forward to trying the next one.

Just for info, some may not know the books are The Chronicles of Narnia. Love them. I wore my paperback set out. My boys love them too. If you've only seem the movies, you must read the books.

Donna... I'll be rereading them again very soon.

Kari... thanks for the "way to go Idaho". Made me smile.

Gail... Let me know if the hydrangeas ever become available. They're beautiful!

Big Hugs to all of you who took time to come by and leave me such nice comments!

Sandi McBride said...

I really liked this one...the license plates were a very nice touch!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I love the book shot! I have read some of those books..
I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. love the other nita

Homesteader in Training said...

I have loved seeing everyone's different take on this theme. Great job!

Jodie Adams said...

You did a great job on your first attempt at the challenge. I love the license plates, never would have thought of that! Great job!

Brenda said...

They're all wonderful Miz Nita! I especially love the music notes and numbers! Thank you so much for joining us in having fun with our cameras!

Sharon Ellery said...

Loved the license plates. Never thought of that - my DH collects them and is lining the ceiling of his shed with them :-)