Friday, July 18, 2008

Enter Giveaway

Tammy of Country Girl At Home has opened her Etsy Shop. To celebrate, she is hosting a Giveaway of two beautiful handmade shutters.

To enter, first visit her shop and take a look at her items. Next, go to her blog and read about the contest.

The links to Country Girl At Home, and her Etsy Shop, are found below listed with "My Favorite Places".


This Country Girl said...

Nita Jo,

Thanks for posting the giveaway here on your blog! I just put your name in the basket 3 times! Good luck! Thanks too for listing me on your favs! I'm going to go back through all my comments after this contest and I'll get you saved over to my favs too!

Good luck!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I just gave you an award on my blog. Your blog is always "just plain fun to read". You can pass it on if you like.

Nita Jo said...

Tammy, Thanks for putting me on your Favs and also in the giveaway! I have met the most amazing people just by clicking on someone elses Favorite List! I'll be back to visit often!

IEG, I did pass it on. It was so awesome to get this from you. I love your blog so much! I drop by most every day!

Dawn said...

Nita Jo, thanks so much for checking out my new blog. I has been so much fun. I to am learning. i love all the photos of you as a child, those are priceless. I will check back soon. You are a great writer. Thanks Dawn

Nita Jo said...

Dawn, Thank you! I love writing. This blog is my writing outlet.

By the way, if you get a "comment rejected" notice... your comment came through twice so I published one copy and rejected the duplicate. I have no idea if the duplicate comes back to you, but I love the comments! First time for everything I guess.

Come back and visit anytime... I'll certainly be visiting you!