Thursday, August 14, 2014

One Pebble at a Time...

Earlier, I shared about my mom's work ethic as a waitress. Now, I'm focusing on her work ethic in her home. She always took such joy in every place she lived. It didn't matter what condition it was when she moved in, it was a better and more beautiful place in no time at all! She loved to decorate, repurpose, and rearrange. I used to have that love for my home, but somewhere along the way I got lost.

Today I'll try to channel my mom, finding the love I used to have for this space I call home, attempting to bring back the joy of changing, improving, repurposing, and rearranging, with a whole bunch of cleaning and clearing thrown in for good measure!  A supervisor once told me, this job is a massive mountain, but if you pick up one pebble at a time, eventually the mountain is gone. I'm off to remove a pebble or two!

Wishing each of you a beautiful, blessed day!

Thoughts on Tipping and Waiting Tables....

I shared the following on my FB page yesterday, after seeing one article after another posted about tipping:

I keep seeing articles about how people should be tipping more. My mom was a server for years. She also loved to go out once in a while, and couldn't always afford to leave a 20% tip, but she would always leave something. She started a very good book about being a great server. She made many "0" paychecks, but was an amazing, friendly server even when her customers weren't. She also treated every customer like they were royalty, even those who came week after week and didn't, or maybe couldn't afford to, tip well. 

People loved her, remembered her, and when she had medical bills far beyond what she could pay, guess who started sending her checks... all the people she treated with so much respect and love. It goes both ways, and I really think what you put out there comes back to you in one way or another. If you dine out, please remember your server. If you're a server, give it everything you've got. I believe goodness comes back around, often when you least expect it.