Saturday, July 25, 2015

Reflections on High School...

This is the weekend of my 40th high school reunion. I wasn't able to attend for a couple reasons. First, I didn't make up my mind in time to RSVP and secondly, I just haven't been feeling well. MS and heat don't play well together. Both events were outdoor venues, so wisdom called for opting out. We were invited to drop by later this evening for the dance, but my dancing days are pretty much behind me and my husband is at one of his classic car groups tonight.

I didn't have a lot of close friendships in high school, but I did have a lot of acquaintances I enjoyed immensely. It would have been fun to find out what they've all been up to for the past 40 years. I haven't done a good job of keeping in touch with even the closet of those friends. Time has a way of shifting our priorities.

At this point in my life, I'd love to reconnect with some of my old friends. I still see their smiles in my memories.  In high school, I was a bit of a lost soul, trying to find my voice and place in the world. I feigned confidence at times and tried to hide from the world at other times. I know I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I've tried to live a kind and decent life. I know I'm more accepting and forgiving than I once was, and I like to think I'm still fun to hang out with. There's nothing like sharing a laugh with a friend.

Looking back over the years, I can say I've been blessed. I share my life with a wonderful husband and two sons. As I think about my school years, even with all the angst and craziness I put myself through, I mostly have sweet, funny memories of kids who were all going through their own growing pains. To those who've made it to 40 years, I send my good wishes! To those who left us too soon, I remember you with a smile, thankful you graced this world for a season.

© 25Jul2015 ajj

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Clothing Purge...

I'm in the process of an extreme clothing purge. I've emptied closets and drawers of all my clothing, except winter coats. Pursuant to advice in "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" I piled it all on my family room floor and am going through it a piece at a time. The photo below, from about 1976, is proof of my hoarding. I found that shirt, a hand-me-down from my grandpa, still hanging in a closet. I can barely get my arms into that once baggy, grandpa shirt, now over 38 years old! Why was I keeping it? I guess it reminded me of grandpa, and Halloween fun, but it's way past time to let it go! It's still in great shape, so it's going into one of the donation boxes.

This is me, in about 1976, after a Harvest Party, wearing my grandpa's clothes. 

Explanation of the photo... I'd borrowed grandpa's shirt, and his painting pants, for a costume to wear for a Harvest Party at my church. I'd just washed my clown make-up off, because my face was on fire, and mom came in and insisted I pose for a photo in her newly wallpapered bathroom. She was really proud of all the work she'd done. How could I refuse?

Anyway, this clothing purge is just phase one of my organizing project. I'll try to keep you updated on my progress. I'm excited to make some big changes in my home!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random Childhood Memories...

This post was originally started on my mom's birthday in the early spring. I'd been remembering an odd assortment of things from my childhood.  Summer images. The way a certain yard looked with tall, bushy shrubs, long un-mowed grass that would swish as you walked through it, cellar doors on the side of a white cottage leading to a dark unknown below. A little ditch that ran alongside the yard, overflowing on irrigation day, creating a fun place to cool off. A thin wire fence, the kind that curved gracefully at the top like little hills running along one after the other. Smells of hot summer air, grass, fading flowers. Sounds of push mowers and from a home somewhere in the distance, a power mower. Hollyhocks standing tall, a huge bumblebee slowly making it's way from flower to flower. Images, scents, and feelings imprinted into my memories. Bits of summers past. Sweetness. Serenity. Summertime.

© 8Jul2015 ajj