Friday, March 29, 2013

What I Know...

With so much turmoil and controversy in the news, and even divisions between friends and families over  issues, there are some things I know for sure...  What I know...

There is a God, and a heaven
There is a life after death
There was a man, named Jesus, the son of God
That same man was crucified for us
There is a book, the Bible, which is a divinely inspired work

Those are things I know to be true, and I believe them to my very core.  What I also know...

God is undefinable
He is infinite, and His ways are far beyond my perceptions
Heaven is a certainty, but it's scope and definition are not
It is beyond our greatest imaginations
And life after death is also a mystery
An awesome secret, which only completely unfolds when we enter that portal
between here... and there
We are all children of God, as Jesus was
We all have a higher calling, though we may not hear it,
or may refuse to hear
I am a recipient of a great sacrifice
but I'm often unwilling to make sacrifice
The Bible needs to be part of my spiritual life
It is a mixture of history, inspiration, song, prophecy
If not the greatest book ever written, which I personally believe
It is certainly one of the greatest, I think most would agree

When lines are divided between us over issues, it can bring out the worst in us.  What begins with a moral stance for religious belief, can become an ugly, immoral thing if handled inappropriately.  It can evolve into hatred and discrimination toward those who are different than us.  Angry words tossed out in moments of discussion or frustration.  For some, it escalates into physical violence toward others.  It can tear families, friendships, churches and even communities apart.

This cannot be what God intended.  A God I know to be a loving, Heavenly Father.

At least, that's what I believe.

It's what I know...

© 29MAR2013 ajjahner

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Thoughts...

It's my mom's birthday, and she certainly has been on my mind lately.  Last weekend, I went to an estate sale she would have loved.  So many antiques and treasures!  I couldn't resist bringing a few things home with me.  

Thinking of my mom still brings that catch in my throat, and the occasional tear, but mostly it just brings me joy!  I was so blessed to have her in my life for so many years.  She beat cancer in her 20's and stayed with us until 10 years ago!  No matter what life threw at her, she kept pushing forward with faith and joy!  She loved her home, and worked hard to make it just what she wanted it to be.  It was mostly furnished with second hand furniture and yard sale treasures, but once in a while she'd save up her tips, or her tax return, and buy something special, like the Country Charm stove you see in this photo.  She loved that little stove!

Oh mom, I miss you still!  That will never change.  Rarely a day goes by, that I don't have a question for you or a story I'd love to share.  For today, I will wrap myself in sweet memories and remember, how very blessed I am to have had a mom like you!

© 22MAR2013 ajjahner

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In honor of my Murphy ancestors, and any other Irish ancestor I may not have yet discovered!

Free Image compliments of The Graphics Fairy

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fund Raising Art Auction for Sandy Hook Elementary

Go over to Paint Party Friday.  They are hosting a Sandy Hook Elementary fundraiser.  It's a "linky" party where you can bid on a piece, or pieces, of artwork.  Proceeds are paid to one of three Sandy Hook Charities, and you win a lovely piece of art for your home.  There are several I'd love to have.  Most are paintings, but there's an adorable Santa you just have to see!

Click on this photo, and go...

If you're not able to bid, maybe you could share the link with your readers.

If I don't "see" you here this weekend, I hope you have a beautiful one!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Voting Begins at Mind Wide Open

Gail, at Mind Wide Open, hosts a monthly art challenge.  She provides the image, and you create a piece of artwork using that image.  Once again, I've missed the participation deadline for the challenge.  The completed images are now posted and voting is open.  Go HERE to check out the artwork and to vote!

Friday, March 8, 2013

So Far, Very Good...

Well, my commitment to daily writing is beginning to pay off.  I've been making myself write, even if it's only a few lines every day.  That simple exercise opened up some writing ideas I'm now working on.  I'm keeping the details to myself, as I know this will be a long journey.  Also, the last couple of times I shared my writing ideas with friends, it led to a complete writer's block for me.  It's as if saying it out loud caused the thoughts to dissipate into thin air.

I don't know where this will ultimately take me.  The dream is publication, but I'm satisfied with just putting the metaphorical "pen to paper" or as is really the case, "fingers to keyboard"!

Have an awesome weekend, dear friends!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Making a Writing Commitment

I have been so undisciplined in my writing.  That does not work, if you have dreams of ever being published. I've written some short stories and poems, started a couple of books still waiting to be finished, and there's also this blog, which I've seriously neglected. Saturday, I decided I needed to make a daily writing commitment, so I started a memory journal.  Each day, I'm adding whatever memory happens to surface at that moment, in no particular order.  It's an exercise in writing, and I'm hoping this daily work will open up my mind and rid me of the writer's block I've had.

My head has always been filled with stories I've wanted to write and share.  Something always stops me.  For years I told myself I'd write when life was less busy, when the kids were in school, then when they were grown, when I felt better, when the moment was right, one "good reason" after another.  When I was young, it was insecurity about my abilities, or the worry that what I chose to write about would disappoint my family and friends.  I felt I should be writing faith-based material, when what I was seeing in my mind were these crazy stories.  I let myself be trapped by what I perceived to be others expectations.

I tested the water a few years ago with some poetry I considered "dipping my toes" into some of the things that haunt my thoughts.  There were a couple of "I love it" and "It was very dark, but good" but mostly there was silence.  I took the silence as a negative critique.  I allowed it to redirect me, and subsequently the writing eventually stopped.

When I looked into the mirror Saturday afternoon, at the older woman looking back at me, I realized I'd put my dreams on hold for too long.  I'm calling for my "muse" to come back.  I'm exploring the idea it is still not too late.  The writing exercises have begun, and we shall see where this leads.

Wishing you a beautiful day...

© 04MAR2013 ajjahner

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Those Ancestors!

The plan was to get out to the garage today, but I've been a bit under the weather, and it feels little too cold outside for me right now though it's supposed warm up later.  I also received a phone call, which led to looking up information on, which led to researching other family members, so I'm sitting here at the computer, still needing that first cup of coffee and some breakfast, and I'm not even dressed yet!

In my search for ancestors, I've discovered some answers but even more questions.  The problem is, the people who could have answered my questions have passed on.  It's ironic that several friends, who are searching for information on their families, are in the same situation.  I was interested in family history, when I was young, but not enough to really research or ask questions.  How I wish I'd started sooner.  It's still an adventure, it's just taking a lot longer to find the right connections.  I'm the type of person who loves puzzles, so it's fun for me.

Now I really must go get that cup of coffee!  Have a glorious weekend!