Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Thoughts...

It's my mom's birthday, and she certainly has been on my mind lately.  Last weekend, I went to an estate sale she would have loved.  So many antiques and treasures!  I couldn't resist bringing a few things home with me.  

Thinking of my mom still brings that catch in my throat, and the occasional tear, but mostly it just brings me joy!  I was so blessed to have her in my life for so many years.  She beat cancer in her 20's and stayed with us until 10 years ago!  No matter what life threw at her, she kept pushing forward with faith and joy!  She loved her home, and worked hard to make it just what she wanted it to be.  It was mostly furnished with second hand furniture and yard sale treasures, but once in a while she'd save up her tips, or her tax return, and buy something special, like the Country Charm stove you see in this photo.  She loved that little stove!

Oh mom, I miss you still!  That will never change.  Rarely a day goes by, that I don't have a question for you or a story I'd love to share.  For today, I will wrap myself in sweet memories and remember, how very blessed I am to have had a mom like you!

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Donna said...

She was beautiful Nita!

Nita Jo said...

Thank you Donna, and her beauty was inside and out! Wishing you a happy weekend!