Friday, October 7, 2011


Autumn is always a time of reflection for me.  Today is especially poignant.  October 7th was my grandparents anniversary.  They married very young.  They weathered so many things that life tossed at them, and made a decision to stay together, through the wonderful and through the sad.  That decision wasn't made once, on that long ago wedding day.  It was made over, and over again.  When the storm winds came, when doubts assailed, when tears fell like autumn rain, they made the decision to stay. 

As I look back on my life, I can see where their example influenced my decisions to stick it out.  Not easy, but it was right for me.  I'm not saying some folks shouldn't part ways.  I've seen lives begin again, in beautiful ways, when two people realize they are creating more pain than joy.  For me, working through the hard times has made me a stronger, happier person.  I have a husband who really knows me.  He knows me better than my own family does, and so far, he hasn't run screaming from the house.  I am so blessed. 

On this crisp, cloudy, beautiful autumn day, I can say that I am happy for the journey.  For all of it!  Bumps in the road, storms, tears and all.  The hard times have made the sweet, even better.  Remind me of that, the next time I'm having "one of those days" and am feeling inconsolable.  Sunshine and cool breezes are just around the corner.  God doesn't leave us... we leave Him... just tell me to turn around and look.  He is right there.  Love is right there, and it was there all the time.