Saturday, March 2, 2013

Those Ancestors!

The plan was to get out to the garage today, but I've been a bit under the weather, and it feels little too cold outside for me right now though it's supposed warm up later.  I also received a phone call, which led to looking up information on, which led to researching other family members, so I'm sitting here at the computer, still needing that first cup of coffee and some breakfast, and I'm not even dressed yet!

In my search for ancestors, I've discovered some answers but even more questions.  The problem is, the people who could have answered my questions have passed on.  It's ironic that several friends, who are searching for information on their families, are in the same situation.  I was interested in family history, when I was young, but not enough to really research or ask questions.  How I wish I'd started sooner.  It's still an adventure, it's just taking a lot longer to find the right connections.  I'm the type of person who loves puzzles, so it's fun for me.

Now I really must go get that cup of coffee!  Have a glorious weekend!


Donna said...

My Mom did the family tree on her side of the family...The rider that carried the last message from the Alamo To Sam Houston, was my Great, Great, Great Uncle, John Wornell. He was shot in the leg and died 2 months later but he got the message delivered!
Also Abraham Lincoln stayed with my relatives in their cabin and helped build fences in Illinois....
There's also the odd band of horse thieves...Hahaaaa
It's fun to see what you find when you begin your search!
Stay warm!

Nita Jo said...

Those are some exciting ancestors you have! I'm still on the search. A lot of ministers and farmers in my family line, and a few "questionable" characters. I do descend from the same Brewster line "Who Do You Think You Are" featured when they did Ashley Judd's family search. A very, very, very distant cousin I guess. Lol!