Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tucked In...

I've been hibernating this week.  Just staying in, keeping cozy, and watching episodes of British mystery series including P. D. James: Death of an Expert Witness, George Gently, and An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, interspersed with some light comedies.

It has been such crazy weather, but typical for this time of year in Idaho.  We had some gorgeous spring-like days, then back to snow and cold.  Perfect for staying tucked in at home, cozy and warm.  It does look like we'll be having a nice weekend, which may be a good time to work on cleaning out my garage.  It is going to be a huge project, so I'm going to have to tackle it a bit at a time.  Maybe I should take photos and document the process.  Who knows what treasures may be lurking in all those boxes?

Well, that's the news from my home.  Nothing too exciting.  I'll say good-night for now... a mystery is waiting to be enjoyed before my bedtime.


Donna said...

I just Know you're out in that garage this morning...Hahaaa
Don't over-do it!

Nita Jo said...

I haven't made it out there yet. Still a little too cold, and I haven't had my coffee! Plus, I got a phone call that distracted me! Haha!