Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Too Late For Goodbye...

For Sunday Scribblings #355 - Immunity:

Did you ever have someone disappear from your life?  Someone you loved, you were never given the chance to say goodbye to?  Not a death.  They are just gone from your world, and nothing will ever bring them back or change what has happened.

There is an empty, hollow place in my heart today.  I can't really explain it.  It's too raw.  I wish I were immune to the pain.  Saying more might infringe on another's privacy, but I had to write my feelings down.  It's what I do.  I write.  When there's nothing else I write... and cry... and pray... then I write again.

It's too late for this, but

to your sweet face
your smile
the laugh that made me laugh
to everything you were to me
to everything I dreamed for you

I'll tuck you away
a memory of sweeter days
of hopes and dreams
for a life that could have been
should have been

Too late for goodbye...
and too soon for hello...

© 06FEB2013 ajjahner


Andrea said...

This touches my heart ... your words speak for my feelings and an experience that I had recently. I wanted to be angry that they were gone, especially the way they left, but my heart cried out ... sadness ensued. I am so sorry you are going through this ... I hope there is a happy ending somewhere, sometime down the road.

Andrea @ From The Sol

oldegg said...

Love hurts. The impact that they made on your life was just as important for them. Words are often unnecessary. Feeling loss is being human.

Donna said...

It's just hard to let go...There's just been SO much sadness lately...sigh...Loving You Today Girl!

gsb said...

your expression of loss is beautiful. It is hard to find words to express the feelings that pain your mind when a loved one is lost. I've struggled with this several times in the past few years and I have written a few poems and a few short stories but, I have never found the words to express it as well as you did...thank you

Nita Jo said...

Andrea, I believe in happy endings. I'm holding on to that! Hoping you get that happy ending too!

Oldegg, Thanks for your thoughts. I am most definitely more human than I'd like sometimes.

Donna, I agree... too much sadness. I'm choosing today to let go of some of it. Hugs right back to you!

gsb, Thank you! I read some of your writing, and you express yourself very well! I appreciate you taking the time to read my piece and comment.