Thursday, July 24, 2008

Incorrigible Bragging... and the Tasmanian Devil...

Good afternoon! Thursday was an amazing day. I had an early lunch with my little sis, and my cousin, Laurie. We had lots to talk about! My nephew recently graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA. We're all so proud of him. Here are a couple of recent photos.

Of course, we think he is just wonderful! We look forward to seeing where his career will take him!

My sis, my cousin, and I always have a fun time getting together, reminiscing, and sharing what's new in our lives. My sis spends much of her free time involved with the local film and theatre community. She's done some acting, some behind the scenes work... just whatever they ask of her. She loves it. As you can see from the pictures, it runs in the family.

I've talked about Laurie before. Her new CD is wonderful, as was her first. If you click on the title of her CD, "Perhaps God", over to the right side of my blog, it will take you to where you can hear samples of her work. You can also read about who she is, and there is a link to her first CD. I will probably bring up her music again, because I think it is so inspiring and I'd like people to get to know this amazing Christian artist. If you want to read my former blog about the cd, it's called Perhaps God and was posted June 12, 2008.

Ok... enough bragging, though it is well deserved...

Our kitty is driving me to distraction. She is unhappy that my oldest son is rarely here. He is the one who rescued her from being sent to the local animal shelter. Her owner abandoned her at the veterinarian office where MJ used to work. He fell for her sweet, quiet ways. Now, she "meows" with sad abandon at the door to his empty room. It's alternately sweet and annoying.

Poor Mooska. MJ now works longer hours doing graphics for a local news station. She tries to get some attention from my younger son, EJ, but he keeps himself very busy too. Mooska is letting me know by her pitiful crys. When she's not doing that, she is wrapped around my ankles. I've nearly fallen on my face while trying to avoid stepping on her. She whips around my ankles like a whirling dervish... think Tasmanian Devil.

I warned her last night that if I do fall, she will be certainly crushed to death under the weight of a 50 something, XL, somewhat irritated, mom of two. She threw me a rather nasty look. Really. I know you all think I'm the nutty one of the two (after all, I'm conversing with my cat), but I'm sure she was giving me "the look". The one we gave our kids when we were trying to keep them quiet in church, or from misbehaving in a crowded restaurant.

Well, on that thought I bid you a happy, blessed day!


Donna said...

Congratulations to Lana's Son!! How Wonderful! He's Certainly a good looking young man!! You Should be proud of him!
I'm a cat lover as well, but lost my Kiki 2 yrs ago. She was 17. Just can't do it again right now...Hope you have a Wonderful night sweetie!!

Nita Jo said...

He is good looking isn't he. And, he's a true sweetheart!

Sorry about your Kiki! We lost Tippy (short for Tippytoes) last year. She was only 14, but not well. I might not have done it again except my son really loved this cat. She would "talk" to him from her little "room" at the vet's office. I have the cutest picture of her on my cell, but I can't get it to upload...

Thanks for coming by!

Karen M said...

Hi Nita Jo,

We would love for you to join in on Brenda's Photo Challenge tomorrow. I will add you to the list on my side bar so people can click to get to your blog. You just need to post the 2 or 3 pictures with the theme of NUMBERS! sometime tomorrow. Most people seem to post them early in the day. Then throughout the day we all visit each others' blogs to see the interesting pictures and stories that get posted. Most leave comments for the other participants. I will post the next host and the rules in the morning. Then in a couple of days the next host will pick a topic and date on her blog.

So glad you joined us!!

Donna said...

Nita, I also added you to my sidebar!! Great pictures!!hughugs