Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunshine Today...

There's been sunshine this afternoon!  The day began with a winter storm, snow and strong winds, but all has settled now.  The mounds of white are starting to melt, though I doubt it will all disappear just yet.  I got out a couple days ago, and started bringing in the Christmas lights.  They stayed up way too long because of the freezing temperatures.  The ones along the roof-line are still there because they were frozen in place.  It's predicted to warm up to the low 40's by Friday, so they'll be coming down soon!

I have been in such a happy place.  Dreaming of spring and the projects I want to do.  This is the year to repaint several rooms inside my home.  I keep wavering on color.  Do I go bold or stay with neutrals?  I just can't decide.  I am leaning toward neutral beach tones, especially for our bedroom.  I love the coast, and I'd like to have a light, "beach cottage" feel without being too obviously "beachy"!  Lol!  I'm pretty sure I'll stay with white paint for the family room/kitchen/dining area.  It's much easier to get the color in the accessories, than risk making a color mistake in such a large area.  It's fun thinking about it.

I'm still battling the eye problems, so if any of you have noticed I'm not commenting on your blogs, it's because my computer time has to be very limited for now.  I'm believing this is for a short time!  I love visiting blogs, reading about your lives, and I hope to be back at it soon!

Stay warm, spring is just around the bend!

Art by Kate Greenaway, Free Image courtesy of Dover Publications.

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