Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

I want to wish my little sis a Very Happy Birthday!  I can't believe we're both in our 50's.  Where did the days go?  It seems only yesterday that we were little girls playing Barbies, Checkers, and pretending to be members of the Starship Enterprise! 

We fought, as sisters will do,
but what I remember is that we loved each other...
defended each other... and we still do.

I hope this is a year of wishes and dreams
coming true for you!
I pray for your home to be filled
with happiness, peace, and love.
May God not only bless you,
but may He light the path before you...
so that each step of your journey
is a step toward the best life holds for you.

Love you so much!
Have a Happy Birthday!



Sally said...

Such a loving tribute to your sister. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. :)

Tes said...

Beautiful tribute, Nita Jo! Happy birthday to your sister!