Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Did Autumn Go?

Another day slated to be in the 90's... I miss the lovely autumn weather we were having.  It's too warm for me, but this is Idaho so I am confident that in a day or so we'll have another change.

I have rediscovered Maura O'Connell... such a beautiful singer.  I love the Irish folk music the most.  Folk music has a way of describing what's happening in the soul, singing of trouble without leaving you feeling down.  Songs of the people.  Telling tales of hardship and of overcoming.  Sometimes I feel my life is a folk song... trials come, sadness, but I am not one to be keep under the foot of trouble.   If you're under water... keep holding your breath, kicking your feet till you surface into the sunlight again.  Don't give in to the voice that says "just inhale the water and let go of life"... silence the voices with the spirit of a survivor.  Call upon the Lord... your constant help in every situation.  There is no loss that can destroy you, if you refuse to be destroyed.  No evil can take your dreams away if you stand firm and deny it's right to bring you down.  Stand strong... live your life, the life you want, the life you choose.

Okay... I'm getting off my little soapbox.  Here's a bit of Maura singing Trouble In The Fields!  The link will take you to YouTube to listen to it.  Be sure to pause my Playlist so you're not hearing two songs at once...


Donna said...

I Love her music!
Also some really good advice sweetie!
Sweet night to you!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Donna! Maura O'Connell has definitely become a favorite. The advice is mainly a reminder to myself. Do you ever find that you have become someone other than yourself... even just a little bit? Sometimes life just creates hard edges if we let it... I may have to write about that too! Haha!

Hugs to you too!
Nita Jo