Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn is coming...

After a night of rain and thunder, today has been mild and much cooler.  I've been longing for Autumn, and it now feels like it's just around the corner.  I hope we get a long, drawn out, fall season.  I love when the leaves stay on for weeks, all yellows, oranges, and golds!

I've been trying to get stuff gathered for a big yard sale, but keep running out of steam.  It doesn't matter though, I'm getting it boxed up and if there's no sale, the Idaho Youth Ranch, St. Vincent's and ARC will all benefit!

I'm going to be looking into getting a new PC or maybe a Mac.  Can't decide which way to go.  I use mine for writing, photos, and internet, so I want tons of space and high speed.  Any suggestions?

Well, BSU football starts in half an hour, so I'd better get busy.  I need to prep some healthy snacks before game time!


Donna said...

We both got new iMacs in May and have been really happy with them! It took some adjustments at first, after spending so many years on a PC. But I'll never go back again! We were able to transfer our photoshop program over for just a few dollars service charge. We called Adobe and took care of it over the phone. We also broke down and got the Microsoft Office for Mac because I am doing consulting work on a PC laptop and have to use the iMac for printing. (Employer does not allow me to add a print driver to the laptop.) If you have an Apple store nearby, GO and check them out!

Donna said...

I use a PC but have been thinking of shifting to the IMAC Team!Hahaa
They are Pretty cool!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks for the info! I still haven't had time to look. Life just keeps racing along. Hope I'll have more blog time before long!
Hugs to you both!