Monday, July 14, 2014


I don't know about the rest of you, but I've spent the past few days inside my air-conditioned home beating the heat.  Stepping outside is like entering a very hot, dry sauna, which many love, but I'm more of a 60 degree gal.

What do you do to pass the long, hot summer days? Camping, swimming, fishing, tubing, sitting in a dark movie theatre? I've done all of those in the past. This summer has been a mix of projects, family time, a bit of reading, and just enjoying what life has given us.  We've had a good variety of birds visiting the feeder in our backyard. Our gooseberry bushes produced a lot of berries this season. It's the little things.

My husband helped me with an idea I'd had for a while. I wanted a curtain on the back patio cover, to pull when the hot sun is hanging low, which made it impossible to enjoy sitting out there. It was just too hot. I'd purchased a cotton drop cloth a while back, so I gave him my idea and he helped make it happen. A length of plastic coated wire, a set of grommets, and some "S" hooks along with the drop cloth, and we now have a bit of shade for the patio. Another bonus, it helps reduce the heat in the family room! It's more shabby than chic, but we love it!


Donna said...

Hi Miss Nita!
What a super smart idea! On our old patio, we'd gotten a pull drape to help with the west side sunlight. Hot!
Boy, did it help!
Good thinking girl!

Nita Jo said...

I love it! I wish I'd had him do it sooner. It's really made a difference. Big Hugs to you too!

Donna said...

That sounds like a great solution! We were able to score some discounted roll-up outdoor shades to put on the west side of our back screened-in porch. It drops the temperature by a good 10 degrees!

We're not fans of hot weather either so we stay inside when it gets really brutal.

Nita Jo said...

I spend much of my time inside avoiding the heat, but it's so nice to have the additional shade for when I do venture out! It's been a very hot couple of weeks, lots of fires in the nearby mountains, and we could really use some rain and a cool-down!