Monday, April 20, 2015

Music and Memories...

Songs evoke such strong memories in me. My heart can be broken all over again, or I can be filled with the joy of first love. Music often transports me back in time.  I see the way the sunlight was shining, the road I was driving on, and the smiles on the faces in my car as we sang along. Music can soothe the spirit, or bring the energy back into a room. It may bring waves of tears, but they can be soul cleansing tears. It can make you laugh and dance with the abandon of a child.

I've been listening to some old favorites the past couple of days, and realized how much I've always loved music and how I'd let that love slip away over the years. I made a promise to myself to bring more music back into my life. Maybe I'll even dust off that piano and see if I can remember how to play.

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