Wednesday, September 9, 2015


That is what my last week has been! It's a long story, to be shared in full at a later time, but involves a stranger, photos of ancestors discovered in an antique store, lots of money being spent, and the recovery of over 100 family photographs! Some had already been sold during the previous two months, but I'm grateful for what I was able to get. Here are a couple just to give you an idea.

My Great Grandmother, Gertrude Weaver Smith Evans
This is an image of my great grandmother I had never seen before. Even without the name inscribed on the back, I'd have known her face! Below are two of her babies who did not live on this earth very long. I had never seen their faces before, so it was a blessing to find these photos!
Vera Smith
Hershel Smith
That is the short version of my story. One day soon, I will share the longer version. It was such an unbelievable find, and I hope whoever purchased the other photos of my ancestors is treating them kindly.

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Donna said...

Oh, how Sad! Which relative did it?
Yep...been there, done that to...grrrrr!
Love these!

Nita Jo said...

It was sad and very expensive. It was unintentional. A loss of a storage unit. I would have helped if I'd been asked. But on the bright side, I might never have seen them otherwise and now I own them. :)