Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yard Sale, Photos, Internet

Life has been busy. The yard sale went well, but I still have a garage filled with small "treasures" needing new homes. Might be time to start up the eBay sales again. There will definitely be some large donations to the local thrift stores!

Received a call about more family photos at the Antique store, but I haven't gone yet. Spent too much money already, and if I don't see them I won't miss them... right? She's agreed to hold them for a week, so we shall see...

Getting high speed internet installed tomorrow. Maybe I'll actually be here more often. I get so weary of waiting, waiting, waiting for a page to load. Feels like the old-time dial-up days. I can still hear that tone in my head. Well, this was short, but I'll be back after the upgrade!

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