Saturday, March 5, 2016

What Is Going On...

I was so certain I'd posted about a week ago. Before that, I'd somehow locked myself out of my Blogger and Google accounts. Is this a foretelling of things to come? I certainly hope not!

Things at my home are much the same. I've still been working my way through some old family negatives I purchased at an antique store. A lot are blurry, or just boring, as most family photos are. Occasionally, I'm finding a little treasure! I remember seeing a few photos of my grandmother which were owned by another relative. There was never much hope of getting copies, but I now have the negatives! I was so thrilled!

These pictures would not have been important to anyone but a child or grandchild, and it's a miracle they weren't tossed into the trash by the dealer. They aren't unique, my grandma holding her first grandchild, a graduation, a family trip; nothing of value to anyone except family. It makes me want to go through my own photos and negatives, to consider whether there are any which would mean something to other family members or even friends. If you're like me, you probably have hundreds of photos. Mine are mostly stored in photo boxes and many have not been viewed in a long, long time. Organizing my own photos is my next big project.

Unless I do something silly, like locking myself out of blogger again, I'll be back very soon! Wishing you a beautiful day!


Sally said...

Now, that is wonderful; I can only imagine how happy you were to find those! I have so many old ones also that I'm not sure anyone will want after my expiration date. A lot don't have names and even I don't know some of them. I keep saying I'm going to go through them, especially the ones that aren't in albums.

Good job!

Nita Jo said...

Sally, it was so much fun! You should try to figure out who's in your photos. I found by comparing to pictures some distant cousins shared on Ancestry, I was able to give names to quite a few of the unknowns. :)

Donna said...

The fact that you even Found them is a miracle!
Happy Sunday sweet lady!