Thursday, January 5, 2017


We're definitely having winter here in Idaho. Highest snow depth since 1985, which was 13 inches. It's not nearly what many places get, but my husband measured 16 inches deep last night, after some melting during the day. We've had to shovel multiple times in a day. A good workout, but so exhausting in these cold temperatures.  It's 10 degrees right now. Brrrrr!

The snow does look beautiful and was falling in giant, pretty flakes yesterday. I worked my way out to the bird feeder, which I forgot to get a picture of, but here is a photo of the path I created.

PJ's car is definitely tucked in until the spring thaw. He didn't even attempt to dig Old Blue out for the New Year's Day car show. Numbers were down due to weather, but he still saw some beautiful classic cars.

Our outside lights are still up, until things thaw a bit, so I turned them on again last night. So pretty! I'm sure some in the neighborhood are tired of them, but I would enjoy them year round, if I could get away with it. My little tree is also still up. I got a very late start, just two days before Christmas, and it's decorated only with lights, a string of silver beads, and the angel. What can I say? I just didn't pull Christmas off very well this year. No cards went out. Only a couple small gifts for husband and sons. Very little baking. It was a quiet, simple Christmas. I must admit, I really enjoyed it!

New Year's eve was spent with friends, sharing new stories and old memories, playing Dominoes, and eating too much, of course! It was a wonderful way to greet the New Year!

No resolutions to speak off, though I will try to write more consistently than I did in 2016. I've decided making firm resolutions has had no positive results, just a nagging guilt when I realize how many I broke. This is going to be a year of taking one day at a time, doing the best I can at whatever I'm attempting at that moment, and cherishing every moment spent with family and friends. With that, I wish each of you a beautiful, blessed New Year!

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Donna said...

Thank you sweet friend...Happy New Year to you and your family as well!🎉
I say Yuck to all that snow... Not a friend of cold weather. Please stay warm and safe up there!

Nita Jo said...

Hello Donna! Nice to hear from you! I'm daydreaming of lilacs and sunshine! :)