Friday, May 5, 2017

A Work in Progress...

This is a piece of fiction. Something to build on, perhaps. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thoughts and comments are all welcome!

The night was warm, breezy. The date had gone ok, but something was hanging in the air between us. Him, the definition of cool and detached. Hard to read, but always fascinating. Me, a basket of twisting emotions much of the time. I'd loved him forever, knowing he did not love me back.

Silence. A quick squeeze of my hand.
"It's been nice, but... I think we need to step back, take a break."
"Ok," I agree, lying, "I was feeling the same way."
"Well, goodbye then. Don't call me, I'll call you." Swing and hit!
Rapid return. "Fine, but don't count on an answer if you do call." Score!
I saw it in his face. Confusion. This person who had loved him since she was 16 had just punched back. Granted, it was a light punch, but a hit nevertheless.
I turned, with a wave, and walked toward the house.
"Take care." He called as he got into his truck, and a few minutes later, I heard him drive away.

It was over, and I was not devastated. Infatuation extinguished in one simple moment. It felt right. I knew I was going to be all right.

© 5May2017 ajjahner

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