Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perhaps God...

I just spent the most wonderful evening at my aunt and uncle's home. It was a small gathering of family to preview my cousin's new CD. Her name is Laurie Roberts, and her CD is "Perhaps God" and it is amazing! I had to fight back tears the whole time we were listening to it. If you know me at all, then you know that holding back tears is not something I do well. I am a crier!

Some may think my opinion of Laurie's CD is probably tainted by my love for her. All I can say is, cousin or not, this is a great collection of songs. Almost all are written by her. One not written by Laurie, but a favorite of mine is her rendition of Amazing Grace. This song holds a special place in my heart and brings back so many family memories. The lead in from her "Every Day" right to "Amazing Grace" is magic!

"Sing Hallelujah" is so beautiful. It draws you right into worship. There is a special family surprise that touched my heart. No spoilers here though... you'll have to hear the CD for yourself.

I love just sitting in a family gathering listening to the stories go back and forth. You learn a lot about your own family history that way. What a unique thing a family is. There are riches in the shared stories, songs, tears, and laughter. I am richer for owning a piece of Laurie's heart and soul in the form of her music. Richer and blessed.


Inland Empire Girl said...

The people at our retreat wanted to hear Laurie, so we got ot hear " Sing Hallelujah" a cappella. It was very moving and there were lots of tears! Later she played more off the CD. I am like you.... perhaps tainting for my love for her... but this CD is a gift from heaven!!

Nita Jo said...

A gift from heaven is right! I want everyone to hear her. I loved her first CD and was so excited when the second one was ready! Thanks for stopping by!