Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remembering Ann... and other things...

Heaven gained another member, and we lost an earthly angel...
Ann is the mother of one of my dearest friends. I say "is" because I believe she lives on, just out of sight, in the company of saints and angels... in the presence of her Heavenly Father.

Ann was a close friend of my mom's, and after my mom's passing, she often reminded me that she prayed for me every morning. She said she had decided to cover me with prayer as my spiritual mom.
Ann not only prayed for me, she took time to encourage me. She would call just to chat and ask me how I was doing. She had such a gentle, loving spirit. As someone at the memorial service commented... a real lady, who loved God, her family, her friends, her church. Gracious. That's the word I keep thinking of. I will have to pray a lot more to fill even a small portion of the gap that she left. I've already added a couple of names to my prayer list.

I will miss you Ann, your prayers, your faith, and your laughter!

And now the other things...
  • I got the results of my MRI and it is mostly good news. Although I have two new lesions on each side of the brain, the changes in the existing lesions are only slight. The issues with balance, pain, numbness, and sight I am having should continue to improve with the higher dose of medication, and as I get to the end of this episode. I am still in the Relapsing/Remitting phase of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), so when I get hit with an exacerbation there is usually an improvement at the end of it. I am told you only recover some of what you lost during one, but up until now I have been blessed with regaining most of my functions. I am believing for the same with this one!
  • Next, please pray for Pam Warden and her family. Her son Toby was diagnosed with MS, and it is an aggressive/progressive form of the disease. She just sent an email asking for prayer and support for him and his family. They are participating in the National MS Society Wisconsin Chapter Walk (http://www.wisms.org/). Please help support the MS Society's search for a cure. My husband has been active in the Idaho Chapter's walk. They do more than research, they give information and support to patients living with Multiple Sclerosis. Also, continue to pray for her husband John. I know if you take the time to visit Pam at Pam Warden Art or at Faith Folk Cafe, you will be blessed by her faith and endurance.
  • While at Faith Folk Cafe, I found another blog that I love! It's called ooh lala designstudio and the artist is Vanessa Brantley Newton. She does wonderful watercolors. She is a children's book illustrator. While there, I read her February 9 post "Oh How My Soul Sings of Gratefulness" (if you click on the title it will take you right there)... Read the list of 10 things... It reminded me of how much I have to be grateful for!
Now, before I forget.... the Thank You's!
I've been absent from blogging for a while, due to a lot of family and friend situations. During that time, I have had what some call "a run of good luck" I prefer to call it a "shower of blessings & surprises" and this is a picture of the "Give Aways" I won recently.

Following is a photo of each item, and who it came from.
I won a Give Away hosted by Mary of Scottish Nanna for a lovely altered notebook! It came to me all the way from Australia. It's so beautiful!
I look forward to filling it with all kinds of keepsakes, notes and pictures. I also loved the card with the beautiful lilacs! One of my favorite flowers!
Thank you so much Mary! I hope you are feeling better! You are a dear!
Next I won a beautiful retro scarf from Jenn at Revive (Unique Handcrafts).
It made me smile when I opened the package and saw the polyester fabric pieced together to make this charming scarf. Jenn takes vintage materials and creates useable scarves, handbags, etc. Some of the patterns were very familiar to me... straight from the late 60's and early 70's I'm sure! What a sweet surprise!
Thank you Jenn!

I also won an autographed County Business magazine from a Give Away hosted by Pam of Pam Warden Art ! It is filled with so many beautiful treasures! I have browsed through it several times, and each time I notice something new and wonderful.
There is a world of amazing artists out there, and Pam is one of them. This is the page with her art, featured in Country Business magazine.
Pam, Thank You So Much!
I just received this latest prize, a beautiful bracelet!
Nita of Red Tin Heart hosted a Give Away for some of her jewelry creations. She awarded four prizes, and this is the bracelet I won. It's made with a Gold Monk's Stone and Vintage Glass Beads. It is even prettier than the picture reflects. Thank you Nita!

I feel very blessed today as I remember Ann, such a precious friend. I think about all that I have to be grateful for; old friends, and new; my wonderful husband and sons; answers to prayer; a home; my life; most importantly a Heavenly Father who loves even me...


Donna said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend! She will continue to be with you in spirit, for you are forever changed. That is some encouraging news that you got from your doctors. I will continue to pray for your healing.

Congratulations on all of your recent blogging blessings! I bet each one of those lovely prizes brought you a ray of sunshine to your days!

Donna said...

I'm SO sorry sweetheart...they DO live on though!!
I love all your Goodies!!hughugs

Pam Warden Art said...

So sorry for you loss. She was a good friend. Nita Jo I pray for you too, and now will more so. You and Toby together in my prayers.
Glad you liked the prize (you got lots:) People outside of the industry aren't even supposed to have the mag. But it is fun to look at :)
Love you,