Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Burt!

Well, this is a few hours after the fact but I hope you had a splendid birthday!

My Uncle Burt is one of my faithful readers (yes, I am talking about him as if he weren't reading this). In fact, he is one of the few special people in my life who supported and encouraged my writing. He is not only my uncle, but was my Pastor for many years. When our church newsletter position became vacant, he offered me the privilege of writing it. I did this for about 7 years, and I am sure it blessed me even more than my readers.

It was a way to put my writing skills to work, it challenged me to read more scripture (to support the subject I was writing about), it lifted my spirit as I studied and prayed for divine inspiration; I am changed as a result of being trusted with the job of writing and publishing the newsletter.

My uncle poured his life into service for God, and his love for his wife and family. He took on the major role of keeping watch over his parents in their old age. He still visits his mother, my Grandma Martha, on a regular basis making sure her needs are attended to. Even when life gets difficult, he holds on to his faith in God and his sense of humor!

I could never list all the things he has done for me, and for others. Even now, when he could be sitting back just relaxing in his retirement years, he is often found painting, repairing, and putting his skills into the maintenance of our church building. And he does it with joy!

My Dear Uncle, I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me over the years. For the prayers, the trust, the caring, the love. You have blessed me...

May God continue to use you, bless you, and strengthen your body with healing! Happy Birthday and blessings in the year ahead of you!

With much love,

Oh, click Here to see an old photo of Uncle Burt with his brothers & sister.

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Donna said...

Awww...Sweet post to your Uncle Burt, sweetie!!!
Happy day to you!!hughugs