Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Is Almost Over...

May is almost over! Where does the time go? Lucky 13 is almost done with his school year, although he plans to take a couple of online courses this summer.

I am seeing a bit better each day, but I am definitely needing the reading glasses! Thank goodness for the discount stores. I now have two pair, which is helpful when I misplace one!

My Grandma turned 91 years old today. I'm planning on visiting her tomorrow or Monday. I still have to make time to go shop for a gift. I'm thinking some slip-on summer shoes, or a new blouse. My uncle visited her today and took over a handful of cards friends had sent to her. She loves getting cards!

We are fighting a war with dandelions and clover in our front lawn. If I lived out in the country, like I did growing up, I'd just let them be. Maybe make a dandelion greens salad! Since I live in a subdivision... with covenants that do not allow anything other than strictly manicured lawns, we are forced to poison them. Oh well... I probably wouldn't have felt like a salad anyhoo!

I hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend. I'm loving mine!


Donna said...

I am also looking at the calendar and wondering what happened to the month!

I'm so glad to hear that you are getting better and better each day! What a joy to be able to see things you had not been able to before! So you think you can get by with just two pairs of reading glasses, LOL? I have 5 and still hunt for them all over the house!

Happy birthday to your grandma! Wow - 91. I can't even imagine.

Donna said...

Glad you're seeing better!! And Happy Birthday to Grandmother!!WoW!!
I use to take a "care package" to my hubby's Grandmother...powder, wipeies, vinegar, honey, stuff she loves to use...sack candies...etc...she Loved it. Said flowers and such were a waste...hahaa...hughugs

Nita Jo said...

Thanks to both Donnas! It is great to be seeing better. And yes... two pair may not be enough. When I misplace them, I can't see to find them! LOL!

I love the "care package" idea. My Grandma always said to give her flowers while she was living. Said don't bother bringing them to the cemetary after I'm gone... that was her idea of a waste. She wanted them when she could enjoy the colors and the sweet perfume!