Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I Must Do

My son marched in the Gay Pride parade last week. He marched for the rights of two of his cousins that we love dearly; he marched for the rights of some close friends; he marched for the rights of people he doesn't even know. His picture was in the local online newspaper with one of his cousins. This made me truly fearful, and I had to pray for peace. There are so many "haters" in this world. I'm not talking about people of faith who express what they believe. I'm talking about people who, sometimes in the name of faith, feel the right to maim or even murder those who are different. If "gay" is a sin, is the solution to admonish or punish with violence?

I have lived through tumultuous times in my years on this earth; civil rights, equality for women, Vietnam and other wars, abortion rights, gay rights. The one thing I know for sure is that I am not qualified to judge another. I make my decisions based on my own moral compass; by what I believe God has asked of me. I feel I have a charge, a mission, for my life; to serve God the best way I can, to bless my family with love and care, to be a peacemaker, to love the unloved and even the unlovely, to share my heart and the Christ in me.

My son told me of two different groups who were also at the Gay Pride Parade. Each was a church group. One waved signs of opposition and shouted angrily. The other church group handed out bottles of water and smiles. Guess which group touched the hearts of the marchers.

My salvation was earned with Christ's sacrifice. In my life, I know I've had areas of sin. The grace and mercy of God was given freely to me. How can I not honor that gift and extend it to others? By dealing with grace and mercy, I hope I can touch hearts. To those who do not know God, I hope I can show how real He is to me. To those who know God, their walk with Him is a personal journey. I am not qualified to sit in judgement. I am qualified to share the blessing of God's love, so that's what I must do.


Joni said...

Beautiful post, I love your words. You should be proud of your son. I do believe we are called to love unconditionally. We can disagree with one another's ways but we all need acceptance and love to grow. I wish more people in the world would get outside themselves.

Blessings to you ~

Donna said...

I would be proud to call him My Son!! If Jesus were standing there watching, who do you think would fill him with pride and love? If you found someone on the ground, beaten and torn, would you not offer him water or throw stones at him...Your Son offered water...out of love for his cousins, he gave the world his love, not hate...You are Indeed blessed....You've taught him Well!!! Beautiful post sweetheart!!
Loose the fear! He's one of Gods children!((((HUG))))

Nita Jo said...

Thank you both. It has been a long journey for me to learn love and acceptance. I hope I never quit learning. I really believe we are called to love one another. God's love is what it will take to make this world a better place...

Getting off my little soapbox now... Love & Hugs!
Nita Jo

Shopgirl said...

i have been peeking into your blog and I think you have so many good things to share. I hope you will not mind if I come again.
Hugs, Mary...Idaho

Nita Jo said...

Mary, Love to have you drop in anytime. I have enjoyed your blog, and just discovered your new one. We have a couple family names in common... Evans and Dotson (unless they are made up names for your stories). Thanks for coming by!
Nita Jo