Friday, September 18, 2009

BSU & The Brenda Photo Challenge

My photo entries are up for the Brenda Photo Challenge. Go to
Nita Jo's Photos to see mine. Then visit the
Brenda Photo Challenge Blog to see all the other entries!
Oh, and I must say "Yay for BSU!" We won against Fresno tonight. It was a fun game to watch! I just recently got interested in watching football again. BSU is our local university team. Our favorite professional team is the Green Bay Packers.
Some of my favorite memories involve a baseball or football game on the television. Usually, my sis and I were either dusting, ironing, folding laundry, reading, or playing a board game. Grandpa would end up napping, but if you dared to turn the set off, he was immediately awake! "I'm watching that!" he'd say! Grandma would watch the baseball, but was not much of a football fan.
You may think dusting and ironing are odd "good" memories, but there was something very satisfying in working together. I still love the smell of a hot iron against a cotton pillowcase or a hanky.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Salitype said...

oh! this posts makes me smile. those chores,ironing and dusting, used to be my stress buster before i discover the joy of blogging.

liked you, i love the smell of steaming hot iron against the fabrics and dustings keeps my mind away from worries and the likes...

thanks for sharing! and congratulations to BSUwringloc