Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday to my Lucky 13!

I posted a "mother" poem yesterday.  Today, I am celebrating my baby's 18th birthday.  He is no baby... actually, never really was after about the age of two.  He has always seemed "tuned in to the world around him.  He had those eyes... brown, dark, people said "He looks at you like an old soul" and, he did. Our Lucky 13... EJ, he learned so easily, reading when he was barely 4 years old. Well, that's when he told me he could read!  I didn't believe him and picked up a book.  "Read this then" I said.  He read it all, smoothly and clearly, and every other page I picked out.  I was stunned!  

 My little Lucky 13 and I... a long time ago

We had always read to him, even his big brother had pointed out words to him.  Sometime before the day he told me he could read, he had drawn a cat on their little blackboard and spelled "cat".  When he showed it to me, I asked how he knew how to spell it... "My brain told me" he replied.  

Even without those things, our youngest is special to his family and his friends.  He's weathered a lot of loss, illness, and more in his 18 years.  He keeps those things to himself.  I believe he has an inner strength that he doesn't even fully realize yet.  

Here he is fishing with his older brother and Grandpa

He has so much creativity.  He has a wonderful, unique sense of humor.  He has a talent for music.  I always loved hearing him play his Cello.  He doesn't play as often, but still loves music.

I know folks get weary of hearing people brag on their children, so please indulge me today... this wonderful day, as I look back over the years.  If my own PC wasn't down today, I'd be posting a lot of pictures.  I'm using EJ's PC, and there very few photos on it yet.  Anyway, I want to say how blessed I am.  I prayed for children years ago, after being told I might never have them.  God gave me two wonderful sons, different and yet, so alike.

My family has been blessed by having our Lucky 13 in our lives.  God knew we needed this child... who is now a man, in our lives.  Happy Birthday son!  Our "Lucky 13"!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Evan! Brag away, LOL. You have every reason so be proud of the young fella with an old soul heart!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Nita Jo!

Oh, you must be such a proud mama!

And of course you can use my collie/lamb image, isn't it wonderful?

Thank you so much for your visit, please come back. :-)


Sally said...

Awwww, your Lucky 13, Evan, sounds like a very special guy. Happy Birthday to him, and congratulations to you!! :)

Donna said...

Happy late Birthday to Evan!!!!
Hope it was a Wonderful day!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

One more thing...

Thanks so much for your visit and for your thoughts on my cubby post, I always love hearing what you're thinking.

Have a wonderful day!

Linda M. said...


No matter how they are they are your baby is always your baby. Of course you may brag! Happy birthday to Evan! Have a wonderful day.

Nita Jo said...

Oh, thanks to all of you for the birthday thoughts! I passed them along to Evan! Made him smile!

Anne, Thank you for letting me copy the image! I love it so much!

Hugs to all!
Nita Jo