Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy, Busy...

Summer has been busy for us.  This week my husband is working on extending our back patio by adding some pavers around the original slab.  Since the ground is mostly made up of clay, it is back breaking work to get the digging done.  It is going to be wonderful though!  He's doing this as our anniversary gift this year.  It was earlier in the month, but we couldn't decide what we wanted to do to celebrate it.  This makes the perfect gift.  For my part, I'm doing some more "releasing" of my huge collection of stuff!  I just Free-cycled six big boxes of VHS Tapes!  Yay!  The lady getting them is disabled and is really going to enjoy watching them.  Double blessing... I gain more room, and she gets something she really wanted.

Here is Paul, working hard on the patio.  
Doesn't he look happy?  That's my Honey!

If you don't see me here quite as much, it's just the summer projects keeping me away. 


Paula said...

What a cutie Nita Jo! Does he smile all the way through the project? Glad you are enjoying your summer!

Donna said...

We have an area around our patio that could use the same! No sunlight equals no grass!
Sweet of you to give the lady the tapes!!
Happy weekend sweetie!

Kathy Morris said...

Anita - I love to sit out on the patio and visit! So, I think that is a great anniversary gift!

Sally said...

Awww, your patio is going to be fantastic! Love the pic of hubby busy at work; he even looks like he's enjoying it!! :)

Donna said...

Aaawww, you hubby is quite a peach for doing that project AND smiling through it! And hip-hip-hooray for achieving more uncluttering!

Nita Jo said...

Paula - He smiled through most of it, even with a couple of do-over spots! And thanks, I think he's a cutie too!

Donna - I have really looked forward to having a patio! The lady was thrilled to get the tapes. By the time they picked them up, I had added two more boxes!

Kathy - Thanks for stopping by! The patio was the perfect gift. We discussed several home improvement projects, and the patio won! Love it!

Sally - It's almost complete and is fantastic already! My husband was so happy to get this project done. He likes to keep busy!

Donna - Yes, he is a peach! It was a much bigger job than he thought, but he happily did it for me! And I am thrilled to be making progress on all the clutter! Every bit of reclaimed space makes me feel like I can breath easier!

Thank you all for stopping by!