Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Update...

Sorry I've been absent so much.  Summer gets lazy... and busy... and hot... no big excuses, just the normal ones.  I'm still slowly sorting through my possessions for stuff to donate, sell, recycle, or free-cycle.  Slow and steady wins the race... at least I hope that's true.  It sometimes feels like the more that leaves my house, the more I find.  It's like Mary Poppins magic carpet bag... you can't believe all the stuff that comes out of that little bag... and, there's always something more!

I'm also working on my art/craft projects.  I've discovered I stink at decoupage.  How is that possible?  It's such a simple concept.  Paste images on something, brush with Mod Podge, let dry, and done!  Mine keep coming out all wavy and wrinkly.  Maybe I should stick to pencil drawings.  At least with a drawing, you can erase the mistake.  Oh well, I am having fun with it and that's what's most important... right...

MS Update (skip this if you prefer not to read about health issues):I am doing a semi-detox.  Took myself off injections about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  Injection sites just weren't healing anymore.  Stopped the Lyrica about three weeks ago, with Doctor approval.  I am giving my body a break before starting any new therapy for the MS.  This has increased some symptoms, but helped others.  It's like with any medical condition... what works for one may not work for another.  Thanks to my readers who have supported me in prayer over the last couple of years.  Keep praying for a cure to this nasty thing we call Multiple Sclerosis!  There are so many who suffer with it!

Okay, that's it for the serious stuff.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Fill it with family, friends, bbq, watermelon, swimming, baseball, summer movies in a cool theater, concerts and art in the park... on and on.  Make some happy memories!


ByLightOfMoon said...

I do know about our ailments and I so wish I could go off my RX too. I ask my DR and she tells me why I need them all.

My neuropathy gets the best of me time and time again too but we can't give up. I love to fiddle with my art media as I can also.

My problem is I have spent so much $ on crafting and trying to resell items to pay for meds I need to get over what I have spent and get on with it. It will never be back in my grimy hands again ever no matter how hard I try to re-make it back. I might as well just start over and donate my garage full of merchandise I have auction obtained and get on m-with my life.

You blog is playing Three Dog Night which reminds me of my brother, I just inherited his record collection and that record was in it.

Thanks for the memories and commenting on my blog about Emma's kitten she found somwhow in our fenced backyard.

Good luck with the RX meds!
Smiles, cyndi

Nita Jo said...

Cyndi, You're right about never giving up. I am consulting with my doctor about all the changes. It may be time to try another therapy, but we'll get together in September to decide.

I agree about the garage stuff. It feels great to let it go. As I do, I get a clearer picture of what I really can use and what I never will.

Your brother's record collection is a treasure worth keeping, at least for now! Music is intertwined with memories of my brother Tom. We loved a lot of the same.

Thanks for visiting me!
Blessings, Nita Jo