Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #259 - Free

Free.  "You're free." he said, smiling as he slipped the stack of papers into the large manilla envelope.  She couldn't process the word.  How do you become free of 28 years of life, of memories.  Who asked to be free anyway?  She certainly hadn't.  Rachael took the envelope.  She didn't even attempt to return his smile.  "Thank you for your help." she stated quietly.  She didn't mean it.  What is the point of thanking someone for the assist in turning your life upside-down?  And, for a pretty high cost at that!  She grabbed her coat and left his office.  Three flights down, out the double doors, and into the cold, clear day.

Looking around, Rachael noticed that everything looked exactly the same.  The world continued on indifferently.  As if her problems didn't change anything.  Well, they really didn't, except to her.  Jeff & Jayna had been nonchalant about everything.  "Mom, life goes on.  What's important is that you both find happiness."  Who were these people?  That is certainly not how she raised them.  Marriage was forever.  Momma & pops certainly never considered such a thing.  She walked slowly down the street.  Traffic was mad, as usual, horns barking out a retort for their discontented drivers.  A young mother passed her, trying to keep three little ones within reach.  An old man sat on the bench waiting for the next bus.  Everything was the same.  Everything was different.  She was free.

© 27Mar2011 ajj

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