Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Scribblings #254 - A Thousand Years

reality shows, news about wars
images on film or digital,
the latest fashion, the trend,
the thing that's "it" for today
wallpaper, paint, linen, leather or vinyl
who's who, who's hot, who's not
property; buy it, sell it, rent or
find a niche under the bridge

save words in a book or a memory chip
create art in paint, charcoal, ink, pastels
what will it matter in a thousand years
will anyone be here to care
will it all be blown to oblivion
will all the good be in heaven
what about me... where will i be
will any of this really even matter

So.... that's my take on the prompt for Sunday Scribblings #254 "A Thousand Years"
I wrote it a while back.  It's a bit dark, but sometimes we all stand in the dark... and wonder.

copyright 13Feb2011 ajj


Deborah said...

Very true, in a thousand years will it? it does put things into perspective ... well writen.

Donna said...

Nice Job Girl!!!