Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer fun...

Just stopping in for a quick note.  Summertime gets so busy, so my blogging often gets put aside.  I mentioned before, that we canceled our anniversary trip because of having to buy a new AC unit.  Since then, we also had to replace our 16 year old dishwasher and replace our front windshield! Lol! We were definitely not meant to take that trip!

I'm buying my sweetheart an engine for his 52 Chevy.  It's "near new" and will be available to put in his car in September!  A friend decided his new engine wasn't racy enough and is putting an even more powerful one in.  He's selling his to us!  I also got a huge discount on a helicopter lesson for Paul.  He has always wanted to fly in one, so next week he gets a 30 minute lesson, then a 30 minute flight where he will be allowed to take the controls for a bit.  He is so excited!

We have been having fun doing some long neglected home repairs, watching episodes of some of our favorite TV shows (love that streaming video), etc.  Paul barbequed some beautiful T-Bone steaks for our anniversary dinner.  Delicious! 

Earlier this year, I purchased a wooden Chinese Checkers Board, painted and distressed. It hangs above my fireplace in an arrangement.  I suddenly remembered my wooden Aggravation Board from my childhood.  I got it out, and Paul painted it a flat black.  It looks so nice.  I plan to add some color to it later on and attach a hanger to it.  I'll post a photo when it's done.

Well, gotta get back to all those home improvement projects!  Have a wonderful July afternoon!


Donna said...

Yep, those vacation plans were doomed! Just roll with the punches!

Donna said...

Oh well, we've had that happen as well...
I know hubby will love the engine!!