Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summertime is flying by...

This has been the craziest summer!  One unplanned thing after another.  Since my last post, we had another pricey disaster...

This is one branch from our willow!

Makes our home look tiny by comparison.
A huge branch from our Willow tree fell!  Thankfully, it dropped directly across the back lawn, right between our fence and our patio cover.  It did hit our little Maple, which has survived, but it broke off most of the branches on one side.  It looks a little sad.  Anyway, you would not believe how expensive it is to have a tree removed, and we even had them leave the stump.  On the bright side, our yard looks much bigger, and we have a place to create a rock garden!

Paul, getting ready for his flying lesson!
Doesn't my husband look happy?  If I had know how tiny the helicopter was going to be, I don't think I could have bought him the lesson.  I'm not a fan of flying, and this would have pushed my fear of heights and flying too far.  Plus it had no door!  I would have taken one look and walked away.  He said whenever he shifted his weight he could feel the chopper shift!  He wouldn't try "driving" it again... too complicated and touchy, but he loved being up there. 

I'm making progress on my summer projects, and must get back to work.  I'll try and check in again soon.  Until then, I hope you're all having a wonderful summer!


Donna said...

OH!! Sorry about the branch!!
And I ALSO think I would have walked Away from the chopper!Hahaaa

Nita Jo said...

That willow was destined to fall according to friends in the know... it was a Globe Willow and when they get big, they just fall apart. Glad it's gone, and lesson learned... will never plant that variety again!

And the chopper... yeah, there's no way on earth I would have gotten on board, even if I was being chased by aliens or gun-totin' criminals! Lol!

Nita Jo said...
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Nita Jo said...

I deleted a comment, for some reason it duplicated my first one... sometimes blogger gets a little goofy!