Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello Friends...

Christmas has come and gone.  It's been a busy month.  Every time I thought about posting, something always seemed to take priority.  A lot of things went by the wayside, but my family had a joyful, quiet Christmas. 

Like many of you, I'm looking forward to the new year.  I have expectations of better things ahead.  I'm not alone when I say, this has been a difficult year for us in finances, health, and the unexpected.  It has also been a year of growth.  I've had to make the best of every situation, sometimes finding new ways of looking at life.  Some things were lost, some set aside, and some were restored.  My faith has been strengthened through it all.  Despite all the negative voices, I believe in a bright future!  Sometimes it's nice to just turn off the TV, the radio, the noise, and spend some hopeful time in quiet contemplation. 

I'm wishing you renewed faith, quiet moments, the love of family & friends, and a New Year filled with peace.


Donna said...

Same here Nita...Trying to get centered here as well.
May We as well as our Country find our way in 2012...Happy New Year!!

Donna said...

Thank you for the good wishes! I pray that your 2012 is BETTER than 2011!

Nita Jo said...

To the Donnas! Happy New Year to each of you too! Seems like I haven't visited either of you near enough this year. I will be by your blogs more often. Promise!