Monday, April 2, 2012

#313 Sunday Scribblings - Reflect

In preparation for National Poetry Month, I've been going through some of my old poems.  I'm participating in NaBloPoMo (see sidebar link), and also Sunday Scribblings.  The prompt is Reflect.  The word doesn't appear in this piece, but I feel like it ties in with the theme.  It was written during a time of reflection and healing in my life.   I hope you enjoy reading it.

The Long, Dark Hour
A. J. Jahner

Did you know
When you slipped into her room, in the heavy darkness
That weighed down like an old, stale wool blanket,
Till a breath could not be taken.

Did you know
When your hands crept in to touch the secret places,
Terrified eyes pooled with tears,
And silent screams filled the throat.

Did you know
When mocking voice, while telling lies, shattered and
Scattered round the room, her thin, glass sheet of confidence in pieces,
And sweeping them, they disappeared.

Did you know
That over time, the shifting boards revealed the shards
Long buried; and though broken, and undefined,
Created a picture in her mind.

Did you know
It rises to the surface in raging waves of anger, exposing the heart
Of who she was, or might have been, before the darkness
And the fear betrayed her.

Did you know
She walked in shadow life, appearances deceitful, a smiling face
With vacant eyes, and now the gaping scars reveal
A wounded child, no longer hiding.

Did you know
She searches for the answers still, for innocence breached, betrayed
By trusted hands, who held the power, but by choice
Redefined a life, in that long, dark hour.

© 10MAY2008 ajjahner

Life takes us through many experiences, along many journeys.  not all are sweet.  Some define who we become, but we can choose how it will define us.  It's what we make of it, that makes all the difference. 


Donna said...

Loved the poem sweetie!! Love your writing!

Abigail Bunting said...

Love the poem! Thanks for sharing!
on paper wings

Nita Jo said...

Thank you both! I wasn't sure about sharing this one. It's from a very dark place, but it felt fitting for the theme.