Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taking Flight

Here's another earlier poem of mine, that really takes me back.  Isn't memory an amazing thing?  If I close my eyes, I am on that swing, going higher and higher.

Taking Flight

My feet push against the earth
Higher, higher
The swing takes me up
To blue sky and then back again
Toes striking the soft, dusty brown earth
Pushing, pushing
Reaching for the sky
Imagination taking flight with the seagulls,
The robins, the wild geese
Grandma calls, “Dinner”
Releasing the chains I fly through
The air for an instant
Then feet connect firmly with the ground and
I go running back to reality and the mundane

© 11JAN2010 ajjahner

As with all my writing, journaling, photos and art, please do not reproduce or copy without express written permission.  Thank you for respecting my copyright.  I hope you're enjoying this month of poems for the NaBloPoMo prompt "Poem" and to celebrate National Poetry Month. 

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Laurie Roberts said...

I can hear her voice calling "Dinner," like it was yesterday.