Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Autumn!

What a busy summer it was, and I'm so happy to officially welcome autumn!  We are still suffering from the terrible fires in the surrounding mountains.  I live in the Boise area, and we often get inversions, so the smoke has just settled in.  It's like living in a murky, suffocating fog.  I'm hoping for a cleansing rain to come our way, and soon!

I didn't get any yard or craft projects finished this summer, my writing went on the back burner again, and I just don't know where the time went or what I did with it.  If I'd been blogging more faithfully, maybe that would give me a clue.  Oh well, I had some fun with my boys before they started school.  Both are happy in their choices.  One at BSU and the other at College of Idaho.  The empty nest thing is both wonderful and a little lonely at times, but they are both very near to home so they can drop in for visits.

I picked out an old photo to play with... "Autumn Leaves" which I tweaked with an "Ink Sketch" application.  I really like how it turned out.

I wanted to put a new image up for my header, but I can't get my photos sized correctly, or centered, so I decided to go with just the name for now.  You ignore blogging for a while, and you forget all your skills!  Hopefully, I'll get back into the groove very soon!  Have a glorious "first day of autumn" and many happy days to come!


Donna said...

Hey, stranger! Haven't seen you around lately. Glad you had a good summer with your sons. They grow up fast, so it's best to spend some quality time with them while you can. I like the graphic quality of the photo. And yes, Blogger has made many changes, so it takes a little work to keep up with how to do things!

Nita Jo said...

Hey there Donna! It's good to be checking back in on all my blog friends. Maybe now I'll have time to start joining in on the fun... like the photo challenges, and catching up on all your photos! I've missed you!

Donna said...

Hi Nita! Glad you got the kiddos all squared away! I know that was a little "hard on the heart" to do...HUG!!
Sizing is what I'm fighting as well! YouTube should be able to give us some insight though...I plan to visit them today and see if they have any videos on the subject. I'll let you know if I find one...or you go ahead and look as well...two heads are better than one!Hahaa

Nita Jo said...

Donna, I should check out the YouTube videos too. I just keep putting it off. I keep wondering if I've reached my learning capacity. Lol!