Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finding Treasures...

I've been going through boxes of stuff I've had in storage, and I've run across some treasures.  Cassette tapes with my grandmother and my mother singing, a recording of my oldest son's laughter at 6 months old, letters from friends that take me back in time, photographs I haven't seen in ages, and so much more.

My grandpa.  He loved God, his family, nature, and this world.
I also found a book of articles my grandfather published in our local paper.  I was almost 8 years old.  I'd been living with my grandparents since the spring of that year, 1964.  Grandpa was a pastor for most of his life, and it struck me how much some things have stayed the same.  With so much in the current headlines about the lies and deceit in all levels of our government; with so much violence;  with so much hatred; we remain a nation, a world, that needs mercy, compassion, and love.  My grandpa's words still seem relevant, and I wanted to share them with you, so here is a photo of the entire article, from October 1, 1964.

If you click on the article, it enlarges for easier reading.  Two clicks for the largest size.
My grandfather asks, "Have times actually changed, or is telling the truth a lost art today...  Still the masters of politics wage their wars, ever feeling they can bring a better tomorrow - promising more or less, as the situation demands."

He goes on to say, "We won't fight like this system, we wage a warfare against evil, sickness, poverty and hopelessness, with love.  A love that knows no evil of his neighbor and will not destroy him.  A deep passion for others, that never says 'It's your bed, you made it,' but instead takes of its own and gives to the need."

People have often commented about my "ability" to forgive, to love others.  I had great teachers, my grandfather being one of the greatest.  Compassion, forgiveness, and love can be learned, and definitely should be taught.  Some things have changed and improved, and for those that haven't, another thing I was taught is faith and hope.  I will never give up hoping and believing for a better world.

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Tammy said...

He was a great, great man who influenced my life in big ways.

Nita Jo said...

Thank you Tammy! He thought the world of you and your entire family!

Donna said...

Awww!! How fun to come across such treasures!!