Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's May Already!

I'm shocked I missed an entire month of blogging!  Life has had some ups and downs, and I've just been very busy.  I've been taking care of some health issues, working on my family tree, done a little bit of work on my book, and a lot of other stuff!  Too much for one post.

I'm getting ready to go on a trial run with a new MS medication, so I had a brain MRI today as a new "baseline" to refer back to.  It had been about 4 years since the last brain scan.  They alternate, so two years ago it was the spine.  I'm excited about this new medication.  It's not a cure, there isn't one yet, but it is supposed to slow down the progression.

Afterwards, my husband took me out for lunch, which we rarely do these days.  It was so nice to be out with him!  Then we went to a second hand furniture store that I like.  I found a gently used sofa and chair at a bargain price!  They'll be delivered in a couple days, and my old sofa will go back with them to be placed on consignment!  A few days ago, my sweet husband brought home a new TV.  It's got a much bigger screen, so I can actually see it, and even read words on it!  We were able to indulge in a little shopping due to the road widening behind our home.  We're losing a wide chunk of the easement at the back of our lot, so there is a small financial compensation.  I'm hoping there will be enough left for some new flooring or carpet too!  Have to wait and see on that!

Well, I will try to be back a little more often.  No promises though!  Spring has been beautiful, and I have several projects lined up!  Wishing all of you a beautiful week!


Donna said...

Well Girl! You Have been busy!
New furniture, new meds...New Everything. I Love it!
Praying the med works Great for you.
A WHOLE MONTH....Bad Girl!!Hahaaa

Nita Jo said...

I promise to do better! At least a little bit! Lol!