Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Intentions for the New Year...

My cousin created a list of resolutions on her blog, found Here, which are similar to some of my own goals. I wanted to share Laurie's with you, because it inspired me to put mine in writing, which I had not intended to do. Maybe it will inspire you as well.

Too often, resolutions fall by the wayside. After a slip or two, the goal seems insurmountable. One of my former supervisor's gave me a tiny pebble when we were facing a huge project. It was a reminder to approach a mountain of work, one little piece at a time. That is how I'm approaching this year, a pebble at a time, being thankful for what I do accomplish, and remembering my joy is also in the journey, not just the destination.

My focus is on:

Health - Making better food choices. Exercise daily. Listen to my body and rest when needed. Don't be afraid to make changes.

Spirit - Pray with thanksgiving. Sing. Laugh. Love. Forgive. Be generous.

Soul and Mind - Write daily. Read more. Make time for family and friends. Learn something new. Tap into my creativity. Be true to myself. Be inspired!

It sounds like a lot, but many of the things listed are what I have already been working on. I want to continue improving, learning and growing. There is no downside to making these resolutions, because failure is also a learning experience. I'm ready to greet 2015! It's going to be an amazing year! Believe it!

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Donna said...

Good list!
MY resolutions? Just make it through 2015!Hahaaa

Nita Jo said...

I think think that's probably the best resolution! Just when I get on a roll, things come along to derail the best of plans. Haha! The most writing I've done this week are brief comments on Facebook, which is not really writing at all! Oh well, the main thing is to keep on trying! Thanks for stopping by! *Big Hugs* to you!