Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Got Through Christmas...

A virus hit a couple family members over the Christmas holidays, but we not only survived the inconvenience, we had a very nice week! Both sons are home for most of the Christmas break and my husband had a couple days off, so we just relaxed and simplified. Each person got a couple of gifts, we watched Christmas programs, football, and movies.

Yesterday was spent filling boxes for a donation to the Idaho Youth Ranch. I went to drop them off earlier today, and then treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte! So good! I'm now working on a donation box for the Boise Rescue Mission. I have a box of brand new socks and one box of gently used ones. This time of year, they need all kinds of cold weather gear. It feels good to be able to share with others just like it was done for me, when I was a small child being raised by a single mother. Just trying to pay if forward!

I hope your holidays were filled with blessings and joy! May your New Year be happy, bright, and filled with hope!

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Donna said...

I should find a charity to give things to...Never know who!

Nita Jo said...

Hello Donna! I do a couple of the big charities, but I mostly enjoy giving to those who are helping our local people and community directly. Thanks for always stopping by. I don't post enough, so have lost most of my followers. I appreciate you always taking the time to read and comment! Big HUGS to you too! :)